How Tech has Changed Logistics

Logistics have gone online. Yes, goods and products still need to be transported in real terms by air, sea road and rail, but most of the logistical arrangements, communication and planning are now performed online. This has necessitated a change in mindset for those who want to succeed in the sector as the stakes have been raised and the standards improved. Logistics as a whole is changing and at the core of these changes is technology. This article looks at some of the most important current tech developments in logistics, and provides both insights and ideas for both entry into the sector and the improvement of existing systems.

Tracking, enhanced GPS options

The current technology allows for much improved real-time tracking, as well as notably better address specific delivery. Improved GPS has also provided for greater transparency between the driver and the company, and can provide an alternative means to avoid expected delays based on traffic flows and available related data.

Sector specific sites and apps

There are a number of logistics sites like Shiply that offer support, advice and jobs. They also provide a platform for drivers and clients to interact and improves competition, which affects and improves the trucking and logistics options that we now have at our disposal. From last leg delivery, cross-country road deliveries to overseas shipping  jobs, these delivery apps and sites such as aforementioned provide notable examples of how the improvement of booking software and technology has been able to disrupt and change the sector. 

Drones, automated delivery

One of the biggest opportunities at the moment is the speed at which drone, and automated delivery is growing and increasing. There are firms such as Manna who are now using automated drones to deliver anything from coffee to fruit and vegetables. The big players such as Amazon may not have released their version and perhaps it will be the smaller disrupters who better exploit this segment, but drone delivery is happening, and it is working.

Same day, last mile

There is an immediacy about the modern data age and online purchasing sites, starting with the big players like Amazon have significantly increased the number of same day and next day deliveries. In order to compete, other online retailers will follow suit, creating a mass requirement for further improved logistics and transportation.

Social media

Reviews and customer interaction with the delivery provider or transport firm is firstly now available in real time and it also forms the basis of many a customer decision. It will be important to look for those that have pedigree and positive reviews, and this will and is being done on the internet through social media. When people now complain about a delivery, or look to hire out shipping jobs, they look to social media to do so.

Technology has affected all aspects of modern life, and this is a trend that is only likely to expand. The transport and logistics sector is no different and the tech being implemented as discussed above is going to change trucking and logistics forever.

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