How Social Media Ad Campaigns Can Help You Grow Your Business?

Do you want to know how to create a social media marketing campaign? There are always many reasons to launch a new campaign, whether a social media manager has a unique feature coming out, a holiday to capitalize on, or they’re unveiling a completely new product. However, to ensure that a social media campaign is as effective as possible, you must prepare and strategize ahead of time.

That’s why a social media manager needs a data-driven marketing plan to assist them in steering their social media campaign in the right direction and increase the chances of meeting objectives. Using social media tools to develop an integrated social media marketing plan to maximize engagement, leads, and sales.

Set Social Media Ad Campaign Goals

The first thing social media managers should ask themselves before starting a campaign is, “Why am I doing this?” Answering this question will indicate what further steps a person should take throughout their campaign.

The following are some of the most popular objectives for social media campaigns, increasing brand awareness, growing traffic on your website, generating new leads, growing revenue, boosting brand management and building a community around your business.

Increase brand awareness

According to State of Social Media 2016 report, brand awareness is the primary reason marketers utilize social media. It’s simple to see why: the typical individual spends about two hours every day on social media, making it one of the most effective ways to capture customers’ attention.

Thanks to social media, marketers may now have a better quantitative grasp of their brand’s online presence and reach. Most social media networks now include statistics on the reach of your content, enabling a social media manager to report online presence.

Growing Traffic on Your Website

Driving visitors to a website or blog, who may convert into customers, is a step beyond having a brand presence on social media. Three out of every five marketers utilize social media to promote their products and increase visitors to their websites. For instance, through social media experiments, a team at HubSpot can increase monthly blog traffic by 4 times in a few months.

Generate New Leads

Firms with a long sales cycle usually employ lead generation, such as software companies. This “route” represents the sales funnel in a nutshell. Social media may be a terrific tool for bringing people to the top of a listing or connecting them to a company because there are many people a social media manager can contact.

Therefore, Google Analytics is quite robust, and if a social media expert puts up some conversion targets, they can use its report to measure their social media lead creation. Here’s a complete instruction on setting up conversion objectives in Google Analytics if you haven’t already.

Grow Revenue

If your sales process isn’t too lengthy, a social media expert may leverage social media to convert their viewers into paying clients right away. For instance, social media advertising, such as Facebook advertisements, is becoming a common approach for generating sales. There are specific metrics that define measurement for the growth of a social media ad campaign. This includes how many signups or revenue a social media channel brings in.

Boost Brand Engagement

Accordign to Monster Logo Design – A renowned digital agency in USA, engagement is the second top reason a social media marketer uses ad campaigns. Research has found that social media interaction improves brand perception, loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations. Hence, social media platform algorithms such as Facebook Instagram prioritize posts with higher engagement on their feeds due to the belief that users will be more interested in seeing highly engaging content.

Build a Community Around Your Business

Tracking audience numbers such as total followers and fans is great, but it is noticeable that there is an increase in close community and chat business has been focusing on over the past year-or-so. For instance, running Bufferchat every week on Twitter is in trend these days. People also use the slack community and experiment on different Facebook groups to grow their business.

There are different types of goals a business wants to set for other communities that may feel unique to your fans and followers. Hence, it is essential to choose a specific type of community that impacts the growth of a business.

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