How Pergola Designs Can Transform Your Backyard


Transitioning from your comfy, air-conditioned home to the great outdoors can be a bit of a chock for your body. Even if you are just going for a relaxing afternoon, lazily slouching in your back yard. But what can make this transition much easier, and a lot more, are the pergolas. Designed to be an extension of your house, these multifunctional pieces of modern architecture are making a comeback. With incredible diversity in design, shape, and color, they can be made from various materials as well. The sky’s the limit here and you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to design them.

Their purpose can range from extending your living room so that you can enjoy the summer breeze with all the comfort. Or your kitchen where you can dine your favorite meal in the open. They can even serve as an attractive backyard entertainment center, which can make it hard for anyone to leave once they are all settled in the comfort, privacy, and decor that pergolas can offer.  Soo, without any particular order, here is what you need to know to get the party under the pergolas going.

1. Pergolas increase just about anything.

As mentioned, they increase your living space, or any room space, as you are not limited by walls anymore. You can simply design it, and everything beneath it, to suit the style of the adjacent room. Or to better fit your house style, theme, and colors. Or both. They offer a creative outlet to you so you can view them as extensions to your home. And they also increase your property value as everyone loves to enjoy their backyard in a modern setting.

2. Any shape or size.

From simply googling various pergola designs, or going on Pinterest, you can surf the web and add momentum to your drive to create a perfect pergola for you. If you have a picture already in mind you can use that as a foundation and then just build upon it. What materials and colors would you like? Maybe a bold, different design? Don’t stop until you find what you are looking for. Or, even better, if you have an idea that you can’t find or express, you can always hire a free consultation with a professional designer for a roof pergola that you would like to have in your very own backyard. Why trouble yourself with needless work when someone can do it for you? And for free.

3. Pergola accessories.

Although it’s perfectly fine to leave the supporting beams and above blank if you prefer minimalism, there is the other side of the medal. Pergolas can serve as the foundation for your inner herbalist. Potted plants or vines can decorate and add that rustic, natural tone to them. As you are relaxing and snoozing away, the plants can help you reconnect with nature and find inner peace and happiness. The plants can easily be kept in tip-top shape as they will always be in front of your eyes. Also, you can use curtains and drapes around them as they can provide much-needed privacy and intimacy. Once they are closed, your pergola transforms into a room by itself.

4. Your very own outdoor entertainment center.

Tired of being inside stuffy indoors with a bunch of friends and you would like to hang out outside in fresh air? Want a change of scenery without all the hassle of traveling? Well, pergolas can be designed just for that. Build-in fireplaces, barbeques, or even some electricity can come into the mix. With that, you can make your outdoor cinema or a cozy, hip backyard cafe for your close friends as you all hang out. And now you can even add various lights, lanterns, and others to the whole thing and set the mood with them. You will discover an entirely new world of freedom and creativity when you have your very own pergola set up.

5. Safe shield against the elements.

After all this talk about how great pergolas are, it wouldn’t be nice if something were to come in and ruin your leisure? Like a sudden downpour, windy weather, or similar? Well, pergolas are pretty tough and they can weather any storms that mother nature throws at them. Sturdy, lasting, and firmly determined to offer protection, you can rely on them during sudden weather changes. Or, even better if you like rainy days as you can sit under them and listen, smell, and admire the rainfall. Nothing is quite like reading in the outdoors while it rains all around you. And with pergolas, you will be closer to that than ever.

All that is needed now is to use this momentum and get started. Armed with all this info you now have a solid foundation and understanding of pergolas and what they offer. The sooner you start, the sooner you can lay back and enjoy the multitude of benefits that they offer, all in the comfort of your backyard.


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