How networking at coworking space helps an Employee or Company grow

networking at coworking space

Can you imagine your life without social networking sites? Unlikely. But can you imagine your life without interacting with others? Absolutely not. This is the reason we say a man is a social animal and one cannot live in isolation. It is this interaction that can either benefit or create hindrances for us. It depends on the kind of communication we choose to wield. 

Professional networking is a term we use to describe the multidimensional association between two employees, two employers, an employee and an employer from the same or different organizations. It is inclusive of, but not limited to formal meetings, formal and informal tours, personal interaction that might be one on one conversation or through technology. It also includes teamwork for a personality development programme or a professional undertaking. Coworking places also known as networking hotspots are growing in popularity for the prime reason that they provide a platform for people to interact from various walks of life. There are myriad virtues of getting to connect at a plug-and-play office  . These rewards can be discussed under two subheads:-

  • For an employee:- This relates to how an individual develops in the implied presence of others around him. There are numerous reasons and ways we do this. Firstly, observational learning. Here we learn various skills and accomplishments of tasks by examining how others do it. It could be seeing your senior colleague handle his mistakes or learning humility from the janitor. A coworking place has a blend of people coming in from various backgrounds and performing a wide range of tasks. This adds to your knowledge base and gives you more exposure. Another way is by cooperation. Teamwork is the antidote to pressuring work conditions. When the demand of your work exceeds your own capacity, you exhaust yourself and become unproductive. Working at a shared office space rectifies such an issue in two ways. One, it gives you a feeling that you aren’t alone in this race and empathy is the drive out of the bottomless pit of unproductivity. Secondly, it is a place of give and take. Sometimes, your task may seem easy to others to do and their work might tempt you out of interest. When both the parties indulge in sharing responsibility and bestow favors, things become easier. This is the basic reason why we tend to flourish in social surroundings.

Healthy competition is necessary for a slight push to perfection. A plug-and-play office is fortunately free of the rat race and the drama that happens in regular offices. But there is absolutely a notion of healthy and productive competition that motivates an individual to perform better and accomplish even higher accomplishments. 


  • For an organization:- Choosing a coworking space in Hyderabad  is beneficial for a company too. The networking attribute is a major game changer. Firstly the networking increases the efficiency of the employees thereby amplifying the business output and profit. By choosing a shared office space, the businesses have wider access to talent and Human resources that they can utilize to achieve their goals. The networking at a coworking space can also become a platform to find clients, customers, sponsors, investors, and capitalists that might be of interest to your venture. This can give you a vast facet of working beyond what you targeted as initial customers. Then, there is grapevine communication that suggests that word of mouth is the most influential form of marketing. At a plug-and-play office, there are many people who can act as the carriers of information and you get the added advantage of a free form of advertising. 


There are countless other benefits for the parties involved. An association can be termed fruitful only when it yields satisfaction from both sides of the dichotomy. If it exploits one on the cost of the other, all it can do is to vandalize its reputation in a gradual yet lasting impact. Therefore, it is necessary you grapevine your contacts so as to reap all the benefits discussed above. A shared office space holds no essence if you keep yourself isolated from your coworkers. For a coworking space that justifies your demand of networking and socialization with people who stimulate you and your employee’s creativity and challenge you to work harder, visit iKeva now.

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