In terms of digital marketing , the importance of geolocating one’s business , especially if it is limited in terms of range, is now an essential quid for furniture companies . Furniture shops must in fact be able to intercept users potentially interested in their products and services through targeted digital marketing both from a communication and geolocation point of view .

The term Local Advertising refers to the whole series of marketing actions implemented taking into account the physical position of the company and its existing and potential customers. In broader terms, we can also talk about Geomarketing , i.e. a specific approach that is based on the acquisition and use of information relating to the territory (the so-called georeferenced data ) and which, on them, plans and structures the actions of promotion for the company .

Another term used to refer to local marketing is ” Local Search Marketing “, which already from the name highlights the territorial character of a business / company. Again, the goal of marketing actions is to identify and attract customers who are interested in a specific product and service and who are located in a specific geographical area .

It is easy to understand how local advertising , if well structured, can really make a difference for furniture stores , which are traditionally well established in the area and want to attract potential customers to their physical company or showroom.

In the age of the internet, it is now unthinkable to imagine that a furniture showroom could carry on its business simply by setting up a beautiful window or by putting up huge advertising billboards at the exit of a ring road. It is in fact essential to take into consideration the power of the network and its considerable influence on the purchase decisions of users , who are now mostly connected to the internet at any time of day. This type of “continuous connection” with the global network has increased exponentially with the increasingly marked upgrade of mobile devices, ie smartphones and tablets. To date, people use their mobile phones to do practically everything: from memorizing the shopping list to posting on social media, from reviewing a restaurant to identifying the nearest ATM.

Proximity is therefore a key element in the purchasing criteria of internet users . And search engine systems like Google take this feature into consideration when proposing their results.

So, getting into practice, it is important that the furniture store is present among the first Google results when a user who is located in the geographical area of ​​the company is looking for a product that it can sell.

Moreover, geo-localized searches are constantly growing : if until some time ago they amounted to between 25% and 30% of global searches, today this figure has risen to 40% -50%. What does this mean? That one in two users searches for products and services in the geographical area in which they are located, whether they are using a mobile (smartphone or tablet) or desktop (computer) tool. 

Geo-localized searches: let those looking for it in the area find your furniture store

What are the most successful geolocated searches ? In practice, what are the products and services that users try to identify, through the internet, in the geographical area in which they are located?

According to a study conducted in 2014 by LSA , searches fluctuate on the most varied services and products : from restaurants to supermarkets, from beauty salons to doctors, from shops of all kinds of articles to gas stations. The identification of search results near the user allows the latter to go to the site (which perhaps, otherwise, he would not have found), confront the managers, touch the quality of their services and products and, finally , buy .

The goal of Local Advertising is always one, what Americans call ” Drive to Store “: to bring people to the furniture store , that is, to a physical place where it will be possible to conclude the sale.

An accurate Local Advertising strategy , supported at the same time by a high quality service in the store, in the face-to-face relationship with the potential customer, will also allow the interior design showroom to also benefit from the advantages related to the online rating system , i.e. evaluation that users make of the store. Basically, it is an evolved and digital version of the so-called ” word of mouth “, which has always represented the first and most fruitful promotional vehicle for any commercial activity.

Reputation is therefore an aspect to take into great consideration when it comes to Local Advertising : appearing in the search results of potential customers but being negatively evaluated by those who have been dissatisfied with the products or services of the furniture store is equivalent to not appearing at all . , if not worse.

For this reason it is essential that a Local Advertising strategy is also accompanied by effective customer management in store : the synergy between the various actions, on virtual and real platforms, will allow to obtain winning results and implement the number of resident customers. and passing through the furniture shop area.

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