How is DevOps an Ideal use case for AI?


Why to consider AI in DevOps

  • Gartner says that almost 40% of DevOps teams will be using AI integrated apps for IT Operation (AIOPs) by 2023.

AI and ML have the tech world revolving around them. And, DevOps is not lagging far behind.

And, when you bring integrate them, they make way for better processes and RoI. So, now the IT world has new branches such as AIOps and DataOps, which are all set to create linkages between humans and data to boost efficiency and automation.

So whether it’s a DevOps company Canada or one based in India, they all are aware that AIOps is taking up centre stage. Obviously, there are immense business benefits that AI enabled DevOps can boos agility, eliminate downtimes, facilitate data driven decisions and enhance operational metrics.

How AI is addressing the challenges in DevOps

There is an increase in complexities as applications become more sophisticated. Similarly data flow is transitioning from stateless to stateful. Data generation is huge and needs to be managed effectively. If not, it can lead to multiple obstacles in the workflow.

The solutions lie in automating as much of the workflow as possible. Secondly, there is an urgent need to identify risks and mitigate it. Thirdly, robust collaboration is key to keep the pipeline free and flowing. Artificial Intelligence can increase automation, identify and address threats, data breaches and enhance the work coordination and entity relationships quite effectively.

AI integration is enabling a faster and more qualitative Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Key areas where AI is transforming DevOps

Continuous Monitoring

  • A bug detection AI tool deployed by Facebook corrects 80% of the issues(Forbes)

Artificial Intelligence can strengthen the core process in DevOps- Continuous Monitoring. Since Continuous Monitoring is crucial to ensuring software performance, its smooth functioning is critical. AI can handle large data bases with accuracy and speed to identify errors. Hence, it can save time and money by detecting errors at the early stages. AI enabled automated continuous monitoring can keep a check and balance at every stage of the DevOps pipeline.

Data Access and Analysis

DevOps teams do not have real time access to data streams. However, with AI, DevOps teams can harness and leverage data for meaningful insights. It can also help with data analysis, thereby enhancing the scope of informed decision making to gain the competitive advantage. AI assisted data mapping allows the data to be utilised at speed and scale.


By accelerating automation, AI based software tools optimise the process ranging from defect detection to defect prevention, testing and security tracking. As AI driven test automation helps can track patterns in the data, it can improve overall software quality leading to a better product and hence customer delight. Since AI can reduce human intervention on repeatable tasks, developers are free to focus on more complex tasks.

Fostering Collaborations

Teams aim for minimal disruptions to ensure the optimal productivity. And, AI fosters a highly collaborative DevOps environment.

AI offers a holistic analysis and identifies problems across the system. Teams working have a unified access to the complex chain. Therefore, they can view all the elements and coordinate with other teams much better. This boosts efficiency by ensuring minimal disruptions. Obviously, companies benefit with the boost in productivity leading to better RoI.

Wrapping Up

Since AI can minimise errors and boost overall productivity, it will benefit companies to apply AI in their DevOps pipeline.

As we have seen the major benefits of integrating AI into the DevOps pipeline include

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Pattern Identification
  • Better Decision making
  • Reduced human intervention
  • Accelerated Time to Market
  • Better RoI
  • Streamlined DevOps pipeline

Organizations can partner with specialised DevOps service providers to execute it well. DevOps Company in Canada are seeing many instances where DevOps is benefitting companies immensely.

AI boosts the overall efficiency by streamlining and automating many workflows in the pipeline. Consequently, DevOps teams can control the pipeline better and focus on more innovative strategies to bring about qualitative improvements.

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