How is a Slice Credit Card Different from Other Cards?

slice credit card

Many people in India are unable to obtain a credit card swiftly due to a low Cibil Score and variable income levels. To easily obtain a credit card, you must have a Cibil Score of 750 or better. However, if you do not have a high CIBIL score, you can apply for the Slice Credit Card. If you are over the age of 18, you are eligible for this credit card. On the other side, it comes with a plethora of features as well as a substantial credit limit. You also do not have to pay a joining or renewal fee. This credit card also allows you to divide your payments into three installments without incurring any additional costs.

The Slice credit card differs from the rest of the credit cards on the market in a number of ways. The ability to split your bills into three equal installments without incurring any additional fees is the major feature that distinguishes this card from the other credit cards available on the market. While EMI transactions have a fixed rate of interest and costs as compared to other credit cards, when splitting payments with the Super Card, you will not be charged any additional fees. Another consideration is how long it will take you to receive your Slice credit card

In most cases, once you submit your documents and the validation is complete, you will obtain credit card acceptance within 40 seconds. The issuer will then give your credit card within 48 hours of approval. As a result, you will be able to obtain your credit card within 48 hours of being approved.

Features & Benefits of Slice Credit Card

The Slice credit card comes with a variety of features and benefits. Some of these qualities and benefits are as follows:

  • Get up to 2% cash back on every transaction.
  • Divide your bill into three equal installments to avoid any additional fees or interest.
  • There is no annual or joining cost.
  • Provides a credit limit of up to INR 10 Lakh.
  • Accepted by 99.95% of shops in the country who take VISA credit cards.
  • You do not need a credit score to apply for this card.
  • To receive this card, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You can split costs with pals by making notes or adding categories.
  • You can access your credit card passbook from your mobile phone.

Along with these benefits, the slice super card also has a set maximum and minimum credit limit. The Slice credit card has a maximum limit of INR 10 lakh and a minimum limit of INR 2000. On the other hand, when you apply for the card, you will be informed of the actual credit limit. The issuer will establish the limit based on your income and card usage history. 

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Slice Credit Card

Slice credit card is among the best credit cards in India. Therefore, there is a certain eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill in order to obtain a Slice credit card. Along with the eligibility criteria there are certain documents that you need to present to the bank in order to get approval for your Slice credit card. The eligibility criteria and the documents required to apply are as follows:

  • Salaried as well as self-employed individuals are eligible for this credit card.
  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen to be able to apply for this card.
  • Must be over the age of 18 years.
  • To apply for the Slice Credit Card, you must show proof of your address, identity, and income.

Customer Care Service

The Slice Credit Card has a customer support phone number of 08047096430. Over the phone, Slice will never ask for an OTP, credit card information, or account information. If you receive similar calls from Slice, please contact the customer care number mentioned above.

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