How Important Is Marketing To Your Business?

Marketing is an important strategy that any business needs to implement in its global strategy to increase. Most businesses utilize several marketing strategies to reach their goals, without realizing it. It is easy to be distracted by hundreds of marketing strategies and choose the wrong one. The most important marketing to any business is the relationship between customers and the business.

Different Marketing Methods

There are many ways to go about marketing, such as product development, advertising methods and market research. Market research is one of the most important aspects of marketing because it helps marketers find out what people want or need. Marketers can conduct market research in many ways, for instance, they could ask from their contacts, talk to people on the streets, do focus group discussion and many more. Most importantly, marketers need to conduct market research, so as to know what people need or what they are looking for.

The New Four Ps

To conduct a successful marketing campaign, marketers should consider the following 4 Ps. These four Ps. are: preparation, planning, execution and measurement. In preparing for market research, marketers should first understand their target audience, this way they will be able to know what questions to ask and how to make the questions understood by the target audience. This helps them prepare the questions in a manner that will not negatively affect their results.

After completing market research, marketers then need to formulate a distribution strategy. A good distribution strategy can help in reaching both the local and the national market. They can also use a combination of distribution strategies, for example; they could use email marketing for their local market, or they could use direct mail as well. Having a correct distribution strategy is very important, because if done wrong, then the marketing campaign may be unsuccessful.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

After collecting all the information about the market and distributors, marketers then need to develop an inbound marketing strategy. The importance of inbound marketing strategy examples is that it helps marketers understand how to get a higher Return On Investment (ROI). When developing an inbound marketing strategy, marketers have to remember that the customer is always right, and even if they are wrong sometimes they should not be listening to complaints. Instead they should listen and consider why the customer thinks that the product or service they are providing is not working for them.

Product Promotion

Once marketers have conducted the market research and determined that the product or service they have to offer is working, marketers then need to come up with new ideas to promote the product or service. For example, if the product or service provided by the company is rented, marketers should create a press release, brochures and flyers. However, the main aim of these marketing campaigns is to create new customers. If the company has just released a new product, then it is wise to launch an awareness campaign about the new product. Other than selling products, marketers can also use services like handling of transactions, collection of payments, receiving payments etc.

Building A Relationship With Consumers

Another important aspect of marketing is relationship building with the clients. It is important for marketers to understand their target audience. This is called the societal marketing concept. For example, inbound marketing strategies like telesales can be useful when targeting middle-aged men. The aim of this type of marketing is to build a long term relationship with the client which is beneficial for both parties. The importance of market research is that it enables marketers to know more about the needs and requirements of their customers.


Nowadays, there are many inbound marketing strategy examples available online. They include social media marketing, pay per click advertising, video marketing etc. Apart from these marketing methods, there are many other forms of online advertising and marketing, which provide businesses with a great platform to promote themselves and their products. This includes search engine optimization (SEO), banner advertising, mobile marketing and web 2.0 strategies. Hence, if you wish to take your business to the next level, consider hiring professionals for inbound marketing.

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