How Does Social Media Impact Bipolar Disorder?

Social Media

Social Media – This word has changed the entire world and now it has become an integral part of our daily life. As per the recent statistics, nearly 55% of people are using social media throughout the day.  Even, a few years ago, I am also the one who is addicted to Facebook. I too found many old friends and reconnected with them and social media is really helpful in being social. But how people with bipolar disorder and other mental health issues can use social media? Does it help or harm users diagnosed with Bipolar disorder? If this is your question, the experienced Bipolar Disorder Doctor in Abu Dhabi is here to answer your queries.

Social Media – A Help or Harm for Bipolar Disorder?

Mental health and social media have a kind of complex relationship. Some people with bipolar disorder stated that they love to stay connected with their friends and family via Social Media. But on the other hand, many studies have shown that the more you spend your time on social media, the more you will feel depressed. This is because, after a certain time of using social media, you will start comparing your lifestyle with others and how you used to perceive others will turn into how you perceive yourself which results in affecting your self-esteem.

The more time you spent in social media can act as a breeding ground for mental health issues such as mania or bipolar disorder. In case, if you’re already under the treatment of bipolar disorder treatment in Abu Dhabi, over usage of social media can make you feel more isolated and gives you an insecure feel.

Apart from triggering bipolar disorder, social media can also induce mood swings & can cause depression and stress. If you have a habit of scrolling the newsfeed of Facebook or Instagram before going to sleep, then it’s a must to stop doing that. Because a study has shown that checking your phone before you go to sleep may worsen your sleeping cycle and may trigger mania. During manic episodes, you may experience high impulse disorder, which will force you to do online shopping or enter into gambling sites.

Overall, excessive usage of social media during manic episodes may badly affect your existing mental condition and makes you feel depressed, anxious, and socially isolated.

How to Manage Social Media and Mental Health?

From the above statement from bipolar disorder doctor Abu Dhabi, we understand the good and bad things of using social media with bipolar disorder. We have been used to using social media for decades, and now removing social media from your life all of sudden is not an easy approach.  Instead, we have come up with a few easy tips which you can follow to manage the usage of social media.

Researchers noted that spending less time on social media means less depression and less loneliness. Even using social media gives you a positive feeling and lets you connect with long-distance friends or relatives, it also creates a feeling of jealousy of others, mindlessly. And this in turn affects your mental health. So, you can follow the below tips to improve your mental health without sacrificing the usage of social media:-

  • Disable the notifications from all social media. Because getting notifications will trigger your impulsivity and make you visit the site without mental brakes. So it’s advisable to disable the notification to lessen your distractions.
  • Don’t take your phone when using the bathroom. This is the most common habit among many people, but it’s not advisable to do so whether you are affected with manic episodes or not.
  • Control using the phone before going to bed. It is advised to leave your phone far away from the bed.
  • Uninstall all the unwanted apps like gaming apps, shopping apps, & gambling sites.

These are the few things that you can follow while using social media to maintain mental health. In case, if you’re facing serious bipolar disorder due to the excessive usage of social media; then start bipolar disorder treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Using social media can be really a stress buster and provide you with a way to smile. But, as we all know “Too much of anything is good for nothing”, so it’s a must to limit your usage by taking breaks to stay mentally healthy & happy!

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