How Does a Payroll Service Work?

Payroll service in Turkey emerges as organizer enterprises that have highly developed and contributed to businesses development. Payroll service providers can assist you if you have an investment, business, or other occasions that you want to actualize in Turkey. A payroll service is a corporation or organization that helps with payroll processing on a third-party basis.

In general, payroll service is a corporation that will handle all of payroll processing duties independently for a charge, freeing up the business owner’s time to focus on other important concerns. If we talk about its services, payroll service companies typically provide more than simple payroll calculations. Most utilize technology to reduce time-consuming administrative duties for employers while creating engaging experiences for employees.

At this point, ERAI Turkey provides its consultants with complete financial management services, including payroll services and management. Check out our post if you’re interested in how Turkey’s payroll service system works.

  • What Services does Payroll Service Offer?
  • Procedures of Payroll Service in Turkey
  • How is The Taxation System in Turkey?
  • Payroll Service’s Advantages for Companies


Modern payroll services provide more than just payment delivery. A modern and mom approve payroll system provide as a full-service payroll administration solution for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Therefore, companies that offer payroll services can help various topics for businesses. Here are some examples of how a payroll service might assist you:

  • Employee Attendance Tracking
  • Obtaining Wage and Time Information
  • Wage Calculation
  • Keeping Track of Workers’ Compensation Premiums
  • Payroll Tax Calculation
  • Payroll Integration of Third-Party Benefits

Employee Attendance Tracking:

Employee attendance tracking streamlines the process of reviewing and approving planned absences. Both employers and workers can benefit from working remotely. Additionally, attendance tracking ensures that employees are paid in full and on time.

Obtaining Wage and Time Information:

Work such as the length of time employees in your firm spend at work, the days they work, and the amount of pay they will earn are all scheduled.

Wage Calculation:

Employers are responsible for determining when and where wages will be paid, which essentially means selecting when and where employee paychecks will be given. Additionally, employers are also responsible for creating a seven-day workweek and the beginning and conclusion of their pay period. Such decisions are totally up to the employer as long as they conform with the Wage Payment and Collection Act terms.

Keeping Track of Workers’ Compensation Premiums:

On the income statement, worker compensation expenditures should be shown as expenses. Prepaid worker compensation insurance expenses should be recorded on the balance sheet as a current asset (such as Prepaid Insurance).

Maintaining Computerized Payroll Records:

A computerized payroll system provides the same duties as manual payroll systems. However, it is far more practical and faster than the manual process. It holds employee data such as each person’s name, address, social security number, pay rates, and withholding allowances. It computes payroll taxes and deductions and updates all data after each pay period.

Payroll Compliance with Federal and State Laws:

To prevent financial penalties, interest costs, litigation, or even being forced to close your business, you must follow all payroll regulations as an employer. Payroll regulations control how you pay your employees and taxes, as well as how you report such information. Factors such as correctly calculating payroll taxes and paying them on time, completing tax forms by their deadlines, and so on are critical for your business’s smooth and effective running.

ERAI Turkey, a payroll company in Turkey, manages all of these procedures for employers thanks to its expert team and comprehensive knowledge of the legal processes in Turkey.

Payroll Tax Calculation:

The calculating tax rate will be based on the total Turkish wages of the employer. However, for employers to file and pay monthly payroll tax returns, an estimated payroll tax rate will be calculated based on the employer’s expected yearly taxable Turkish salaries declared at the beginning of the financial year.

Payroll Integration of Third-Party Benefits:

Paying wages, handling compliances, remitting payroll taxes, maintaining payroll software, and providing reports for in-house use are all things that third-party payroll services take care of. Consequently, everything is taken care of, giving you more time and resources to focus on growing your business.


Payroll services are very convenient for the investor or employer in terms of practicality. Payroll management is essential for ensuring that your workers are paid on time and meet your legal requirements. Furthermore, the correct payroll software or service may assist in ensuring that your payroll is completed accurately, compliantly, and on time.

ERAI Turkey is an organization that regulates various payroll transactions that you need to do in Turkey as a payroll firm. ERAI Turkey is also an organization that, as a payroll company in Turkey, regulates various payroll transactions that you need to perform in Turkey. There are also several procedures to follow when it comes to payroll services, including:

  • Creating the employer’s identification number
  • Obtaining relevant employee tax information
  • Picking a payroll schedule
  • Making a gross salary calculation
  • Determining each employee’s deductions
  • Calculating and paying the employees’ net compensation
  • Maintaining payroll records and making any required corrections


The taxation system in Turkey is based on residency. The same rule applies to both natural people and corporations. While natural individuals must dwell in Turkey to be considered tax residents, corporations must have a registered office in a Turkish city. Tax residents in Turkey will be subject to income tax on their international earnings.

Local authorities will exclusively tax non-residents on income earned in Turkey. Given the possibility of non-residents being subjected to double taxes in Turkey and their home countries, Turkey has signed agreements to prevent double taxation.


Entering the Turkish market by outsourcing certain services and tasks is a practical, quick, and easy approach to generate revenue before establishing a full-fledged firm with all of the necessary internal processes.

On the other hand, laws and regulations in Turkey are continually changing as a result of the EU compliance process and other reforms. Therefore, delegating responsibility to a local team of seasoned specialists is a secure option. It not only reduces the administrative load, saves time and money, but it also removes the danger of noncompliance and the accompanying penalties from local statutory authorities.

As a payroll provider in Turkey, ERAI Turkey also saves you from minor but important and detailed works, allowing you to both save time and reduce your margin of error. ERAI Turkey can also provide you with guidance and information on the Turkish market, the benefits and drawbacks of internationalizing your business, and the best strategic decisions to make. So, what are the advantages of payroll services for companies?

  • Outsourcing payroll administration helps you to focus on what you do best if you spend most of your time abroad or elsewhere.
  • Payroll in Turkey is regulated and follows a strict set of legal rules, which may be complicated to grasp. Therefore, having a payroll provider in Turkey allows you to save time from legal processes.
  • Regardless of the size of your business, local payroll outsourcing is the right strategy to assure employee happiness and overall efficiency.

To sum up, ERAI Turkey handles everything from employee payroll to tax and report filing. Its comprehensive solution ensures that all social, administrative, and legal elements of an employer’s activities in Turkey are handled as efficiently as possible.

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