How Crypto-Friendly VPS Can Help Your Business?

Online business owners are always looking for the best available hosting solutions. These hosting solutions are either managed or provide better performance and are highly sought-after by users. Online store owners started to look for crypto-friendly server options that could be used for their website hosting.

These are just a few of the reasons they are looking into crypto-friendly hosting:

  • Nobody will know who is hosting your website on the server
  • You can pay with a simple, painless method
  • Decentralized payment – Anyone can purchase the hosting service
  • Server access is faster with less effort

We will be discussing these points in-depth and revealing why customers don’t like VPS servers from crypto-friendly host providers.

Why Choose VPS For Hosting?

Virtual private servers are a cost-effective method to host your site. Instead of hosting websites on shared hosting plans, which require you to pay for each one separately, a VPS hosting service allows you to host all your websites from one server.

Let’s Get To The Math

It is assumed that you have 10 websites hosted on a shared host.

VPS hosting is more secure than any other type of hosting because you can add security measures such as IP Whitelisting, firewalls, and cache to your server. A geo-blocking server can be used to block intrusive IP access.

VPS hosting solutions also make it much easier to scale. Your website can’t be scaled if it is on shared hosting. There is only one option: move your website to a bigger hosting server.

VPS hosting solutions allow you to scale up when you want.

Why Should You Use Crypto To Buy VPS Hosting?

Here is a list highlighting the many reasons why users prefer to buy VPS with crypto.

Crypto Makes Site Hosting Anonymous

With cryptocurrency, it is easier to buy or sell goods online. The actual buyer of the services remains anonymous when using cryptocurrency. This means that customers can easily pay for their services, without worrying about who they are.

Let’s assume your hackers or competitors want to see your personal information from the who. is website information portal. They will not be able to track your cryptocurrency purchase if it was made through the website’s who. is information portal.

Bitcoin Is Decentralized

Because cryptocurrencies can be bought by anyone, even store owners, many are using them. A benefit to purchasing cryptocurrency is the inability of government and non-government agencies to monitor their transactions.

Now, let’s suppose you shop online for a product using your credit card. Now the hacker can use the information to buy a product online using your credit card.

But, crypto is a decentralized currency that ensures your payments are safe, even when your details get stolen. Why? Because crypto uses third-factor authentication. You can still access your private keys even if the information you provide is stolen. If your private number is hacked you will receive a confirmation by email and phone. Your crypto tax calculator Australia Here is our wallet will not allow payments to go through unless you confirm.

Currency Can Be Used To Make Economics

Online payments made with FIAT currencies result in you paying 3.6% tax per transaction.

Paying through cryptocurrency will result in a 0.10% rate of tax. This tax goes directly to the miner or the cryptocurrency system.

Third World Needs Help From Cryptocurrencies

Another social benefit is that cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins have made it easier for the lower-middle class to buy online. Without cryptocurrency, they would not have been able to connect. Why? They don’t usually have a bank card. Online transactions have always been about debit and credit cards issued by banks. They are only available to customers who have a bank statement.

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