How Can You Tell If You Were The Victim Of Unlawful Termination?

In their professional lives, many people get fired and become laid off. This is a typical experience, but it can also be very stressful due to financial stress, finding a new job, and often having your confidence shattered.

Employers are permitted to terminate workers “at will.” However, there are also unlawful justifications for firing employees.

Your previous employer may be held accountable if you feel that you were fired unlawfully.

Making the call to an employment law attorney in White Plains as soon as possible can be a helpful first step to regaining control of your life. Let an attorney handle the legal matters so you can focus on finding a new normal.

If you can recall the incidents that led to your firing and you’re not sure if they were even legal, keep reading.

Wrongful termination

An employer might fire an employee for many illegal reasons:

  • Responding negatively to someone who “blew the whistle” on the company’s discriminatory practices
  • Getting rid of a worker who raises concerns about a toxic work environment
  • Letting go of a worker who reports sexual harassment
  • Terminating a worker in contravention of a contractual or verbal employment contract

Employer accountability

Your previous employer might be required to compensate you for your lost salary and emotional suffering if you were unlawfully fired. Additionally, punitive damages can be owed by your employer.

How to proceed

You ought to assemble as much data as you can regarding your dismissal. Find out why you were fired by requesting a copy of your personnel file and asking to examine it. 

The correspondence between you and your employee includes papers, emails, and text messages. 

Ask coworkers who saw anything related to your firing to give you statements. Follow established processes while leaving the company and return all property.

Claim vs. severance pay

What sort of severance package do you have? If that’s the case, you can have a lawyer look it through to see if it violates the terms when you’re fired. 

If no such agreement exists, your lawyer might be able to negotiate a severance package with the corporation.  

Make that the severance package you receive from your employer, if they agree to give it to you, is not dependent on you accepting a new job. You are entitled to all the money you are owed in damages for wrongful termination.

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