How are tapes and sealants used in the automotive industry?

The new Tesla cars have gotten everyone on their feet. The news about the world transitioning to electricity-driven cars is making manufacturers worldwide work harder and faster in developing parts for such electricity-driven vehicles. The EVB tape is quite helpful in that regard, as it is used to manufacture electronic batteries.

Nonetheless, the use of sealants and adhesives in the automobile industry does not end here. Even though the bonds may seem like something used in Flooring systems only, that is not the case. There are tons of uses of adhesives and tapes in the automotive industry, and today, we will only be touching the tip of the iceberg.

Here is a list of uses, of a variety of adhesives in the automobile industry. 

Emblem attachment

Emblems are a symbol for a car. They showcase the brand and the worth of the vehicle, and without them, the car lacks something; that is why big companies like Rolls Royce, Mercedes, and the like always have emblems that stand out. Furthermore, the emblems placed on a car need to remain there forever, despite the harsh weather conditions. The tapes and sealant developed now are used for this purpose; they help glue the emblem to the car and form a secure and long-term bond.


Nowadays, there are adhesives explicitly made to dampen the brake shims’ vibrations. These options are cheaper than old methods and heat resistant too. This has become an essential feature in cars of all price ranges and brands. Hence manufacturers look for ways that are not only easy but cheaper too; that is where adhesive tapes come in.

EV batteries

Nowadays, the parts of batteries are also made the same way, using multi-purpose and cheap sealant and tapes. These tapes are a great choice as they have reduced the level of flammability but at the same time boost the dielectric strength and protect all materials packed inside. 

Heat protection

Another use of sealants in the automotive industry is actually as a heat shield. In modern-day automobiles, there are a lot of components that tend to heat up to soaring high temperatures. Due to this, engineers are always looking for lightweight, easily applicable, and heat-resistant bonding materials. And modern-day adhesive and tapes are the perfect choice.


Modern-day adhesives are a great solution to many needs in many industries all around the globe. For example, adhesives are even used in many different shapes of gluing materials in the automobile industry alone.

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