Hormonal Changes and Hair fall in Women

Hair look makes your appearance more attractive and boosts your confidence level. Men are more prone to baldness than women. But the shedding of more than 125 hairs a day is not a normal condition. Every hair loss problem has a cause, but it varies from person to person.

Let’s explore the reason for hair loss in women.

Hair Loss in Women 

Women often experience hair loss during pregnancy or while taking some medications. But heavy hair loss is an alarming situation for you because it can lead to baldness without proper treatment by a dermatologist. Normal hair shedding involves the hair fall of a few hairs that regrow after some time.

One of the best gynecologists in lahore says that hair shedding is not hair fall as hair loss is a serious condition that you may experience. The medical term for hair loss is known as alopecia.

There are hairs everywhere on your body but not the palms of your hands, soles of feet, light fine, lips, eyelids, etc. This short hair is known as vellus hair.

How Many Types of Hair Loss?

Researchers say that there are three types of hair fall, including:

  • Telogen effluvium: Increased number of hair follicles reach the telogen phase that is the stage of hair fall.
  • Anagen effluvium: When you take several medications, it poisons the growing hair follicle that results in hair fall.
  • Androgenetic alopecia or Female pattern hair loss: Research says that it is the most common hair fall type that begins hair thinning over the top of the head and on the sides.

There is a misconception that hair loss affects only men. More than 50% of women say that they notice a crystal clear hair fall problem. As we have discussed, Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair fall in women.

Which Women Are At Risk Of Hair Fall?

Any woman or a girl can be a victim of hair fall. Different risk factors can put you at risk of hair loss, including:

  • Women who go for chemotherapy.
  • Women who take medications to treat another health disease
  • Menopause
  • Women who make hair pulling hairstyles
  • Women are older than 35.

There are some myths you should avoid believing.

  • Wearing hats can increase the risk of hair fall.
  • Stress causes hair loss permanently.
  • Shaving your head can give you thick hair.
  • Brushing your hair 100 strokes a day can give you healthy hair.
  • Wigs can cause hair fall.
  • Dandruff can result in permanent baldness.
  • Standing on your head stimulates hair growth and boosts blood circulation.

Causes of the Hair Loss in Women 

Hairstyle: If your hairstyle pulls your hair from roots, it means that you put yourself at risk of hair fall. Tight ponytails, cornrows, braids, and tight clips can give your hair follicles a tough time. Such hair fall is known as traction alopecia. It often damages your hair follicles badly, which can result in permanent hair loss.

Vitamin Deficiency: When you do not consume a healthy diet, it can result in vitamin deficiency that can end up in different conditions, such as hair loss, damaged skin, etc.

Dieting: Women often go on the dieting process without consulting with a professional that often results in changes in other body parts. Rapid weight loss is also the cause of hair fall in women.

Scalp Damage: Scalp damage is the reason that often results in hair fall.

Relationship of Hair Loss and Menopause in Women 

During menopause, you can notice the growth of the hair where you haven’t had hair before, and the thing to notice is the thinning of hairs. Hormones change during menopause, so it could be the possible reason for the hair fall. The level of estrogen and progesterone fall and the other hormones effect get increased.

How to Detect Hair Loss Signs In Women 

  • When you notice more hair fall than usual.
  • When you can see the scalp skin through hair
  • When you have a small ponytail
  • When you notice hair breakage
  • When you see the noticeable patches or missing hair.
  • During menopause, you need to consult with your doctor for better treatment as it can also help prevent future hair loss.

Final Thought

Experts say that women need to be gentle with their hair as they take care of the face skin. The use of quality shampoo and other products can add volume to your hair.

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