Hire Best Nikah Khawan in Pakistan For Marriage

Nikah Khawan in Pakistan:

If you wish to take the services of nikah khawan in Pakistan or court marriage in Lahore you may contact Jamila Law Associates. A nikah khawan in Pakistan for the is a public servant and is a part of court marriage in Pakistan. A Nikah khawan in Pakistan under the provisions of of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961 and rule 10 of East Pakistan is a public servent.

Family Rules:

Muslim Family Rules framed under the said Ordinance is a person who has to discharge a public duty to indemnify by fees to be received from the parties. The compulsory registration of marriages provided for by the Ordinance is a public duty undertaken by the Government. The failure to register exposes the culprits to penal liability under sub-section (4) of section 5 of the Ordinance. Under sub-section (5) said section, the Government also provides the manner of registration and the fees to be charged therefor

Non-Registration Punishable:

By making non-registration punishable, the Government had thus accepted the responsibility of providing the machinery of such registration.  The nikah khawan in Pakistan for court marriage in Lahore is also a person charged with the duty of making and authenticating documents and registers necessary to ascertain the rights of people within the meaning of the tenth clause of section 21 of the P.P.C. Rights to succession, maintenance. Dower, divorce, legitimacy of children, and several other rights may follow from a valid marriage.

Court Marriage in Lahore:

The conclusion, therefore, is that a nikah khawan in Pakistan for court marriage in Lahore under the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance is a public servant. Nikahnama. The legislature has provided that it should prepare four copies of Nikahnama, one to be kept by Registrar of Nikah, the second one to be sent to the concerned Municipal Corporation Municipal. Nikahnama validly registered under the law is a public document. Where execution of Nikahnama is disputed, same cannot be treated as a public document.” If marriage is questioned on the ground of fraud or misrepresentation, the remedy would not be available with the Family Court but with the Court of jurisdiction.

Public Documents:

Nikahnama being a public document, and execution of which is verified by Nikah Registrar, a Public Officer, even certified copy may be produced in proof of its contents. In the absence of any rebuttal, same holds ground without requiring production of witnesses to prove the same.’ Copy issued to nikah khawan in Pakistan for court marriage in Lahore or Secretary of Union council is admissible in evidence. Matters involving Nikah between the parties should be resolved by the Family Court and not by the police. For cases about custody of children, courts were not supposed to go into technicalities of law and should decide the case keeping in view the facts and circumstances of each case, mainly considering the child’s welfare.’ It is the function exclusively of the Family Courts. However, if a question about the accused’s liability arises and the Court has to determine his guilt under the Thudded laws if the accused pleads Nikah to escape mischief of Zina, then Court can certainly examine the defense plea in the light of attending circumstances.

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