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When you make your way to, it’s safe to assume that you’re studying up on Bright Pattern technology and its powerful cloud contact software. But, if you aren’t intimately familiar with that software already, you might not realize all that you’ll find on their website, not to mention the features of the software itself.

Omnichannel Contact Center Software

First and foremost, the most important thing you’ll find on Bright Pattern’s platform is their software itself. Their omnichannel call center software solution is billed as the industry’s simplest, most powerful call center software. This cloud-based software for helpful integrations, omnichannel routing, insightful analytics, and other features that ensure Bright Pattern stands out as a must-have tool—including those features outlined below.

Bots & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Bright Pattern’s contact center software offers bot and AI assistance, empowering your customer experience with the benefits of automation, self-service opportunities, and quality assurance. With AI technology from some of the field’s top companies, your company can utilize the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive voice response, or IVR, is one of the most recognizable tools in customer service. We’ve all utilized a customer support line that prompted us to press a certain number or state a particular word in order to progress to an agent or another automated step. This tool is not only expected, though—it’s one that’s continually growing across the market. IVR also allows customers to solve minor problems on their own, if they so choose, making the process an easier one for everyone involved.

CRM Call Center Software Integration

By integrating with fan-favorite CRM systems, Bright Pattern allows users to track each step of the customer experience and access customer information with ease. These integrations also allow brands to customize their customer journeys and create a unified agent desktop, where employees can access crucial tools and software in one convenient location.

Quality Assurance

One of Bright Pattern’s most unexpected benefits comes from its AI-powered quality assurance. This feature is built into the contact center software and ensures both quality employee performance and an improved customer experience. With analytics and artificial intelligence technology, Bright Pattern’s platform allows its users to monitor customer-agent interactions within the call center and across integrated platforms, encouraging optimal quality at each step of the process.

Predictive Dialer

Every user appreciates tools that make their customer service experience a better one, and Bright Pattern’s predictive dialing technology does just that. By automatically placing phone calls, this feature increases agent efficiency, moving to the next available lead when a call goes unanswered. As a result, your team will be better able to serve those customers they do connect with, ensuring a better customer experience overall.

Contact Center Mobile App

In the modern customer service world, members of your team are working from more locations than just an in-person call center. Some work from home, while others work on the go or in other remote workspaces, like cafes or designated coworking spaces. But, nevertheless, customers expect the same reliability and consistency they’d receive from a conventional call center. Bright Pattern’s contact center mobile app allows for seamless communication no matter where your agents are working.

CRM Integrations & More

One of Bright Pattern’s most compelling selling points is its CRM integrations—your single simple platform can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, and Oracle Service Cloud, to name a few. However, its capabilities aren’t limited to CRM systems alone. Beyond CRM integration, Bright Pattern’s platform can integrate with Microsoft Teams, ITSM, Ivanti Service Management, and WFO/WFM software—not to mention any future integrations they may implement.

Bright Pattern has a lot to offer, from a simple platform your agents and customers will love to convenient integrations with your other go-to software. Best of all, you can learn about all this and more with just a quick trip to their website.

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