Here’s Advice on How to Choose a Set of Custom Wheels like a Pro!

Have you ever seen how professionals at your local retailer select custom wheels and tires for all sorts of passenger cars? 

They make the process seem so simple and seamless, don’t they?

As it turns out, they have years of experience dealing in high-end aftermarket rims under their belts. They can read a client like an open book and gauge what type of rims they are most likely to choose- and which brands might appeal to them.

But when you are shopping for high-end KMC Wheels or any other quality brand, you are more likely to face several hurdles. It all starts right at the outset: major manufacturers have a number of models that will suit your car pretty well, and it becomes difficult to differentiate one set from another.

Here, you have 3 options.

Option 1 is to speak with the retailer and seek their advice on which BMW Wheels will be best-suited for your premium sedan.

Option 2 is to buy the most expensive model available because you reckon that the best custom wheels and tires must surely be big-budget giant-killers. This is the most unscientific method, however, and you might actually end up overpaying for a mediocre set.

Option 3 is to follow the tips and tricks (culled from expert advice) before you start scouting for new wheels!

Buy brand-new custom wheels with confidence: here’s how!

These are some pointers you would do well to follow.

  1. Rely only on reputable retailers: This is something most people overlook. A trusted retailer will assist you in selecting the right-fit BMW Wheels or Fuel or Enkei wheels for your vehicle. Retailers will also help you avoid the masses of cheap imitators which are unbranded and almost always useless.

Also, wheel professionals will show you how to differentiate between original KMC Wheels and their inexpensive replicas as well.

Plus, most major retail outlets often offer handsome discounts as well!

  1. Brands matter more than you realize: It is widely known that custom wheels and tires are expensive, some more than others. Yet, you would be a fool to skip branded aftermarket rims for generic ones which lack the necessary quality control and safety standards applicable as per extant US laws.

Many first-time buyers fall into this trap to save some money. That’s understandable to an extent; however, you should not repeat the mistake.

The reason BMW Wheels, Fuel rims, American Racing, and Helo wheels are more expensive is because most of their top-of-the-shelf models are manufactured using avionics-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, combined with the latest engineering breakthroughs. 

Furthermore, with branded rims, you also get extended warranties on durability and longevity. 

Remember: brands do matter.

  1. Your driving goals: This is a wholly subjective matter and you have to arrive at a decision. Do you want to simply increase the style quotient of your almost-new BMW or a Porsche? Or do you to increasingly frequent highways and off-road conditions because you feel like it?

If you are upping the ante on the aesthetics scale, procuring a finely machined, powdered, and branded set of KMC Wheels will suit you admirably! You merely have to choose a set that appeals to you and makes your vehicle stand out in a crowd.

However, if you are planning to change your driving habits and have set goals accordingly, you have to opt for custom wheels and tires which are slightly bigger than the ones you are using currently.

Larger rims will help you have a blast on highways and be much more adept at handling off-road conditions. 

And what if you decide to dump your staid old sedan or a hatchback and buy a compact SUV, one that is meant for off-roading? Well, that’s a tale for another day!

  1. Pay attention to the tires: Another critical mistake that most first-time buyers make is not taking the tires they are using into consideration. Let’s take an example to flesh this out. Assume that you own a fairly new vehicle outfitted with a set of high-grade Continental all-terrain tires.

A/T tires are usually very hardy and durable, and they can overcome almost any surface. If the car manufacturer has advised the use of 15-inch tires, it would not be a great idea to go with a set that’s one size larger.

The same principle applies when you buy BMW Wheels too. Yes, you can purchase a set of oversized rims since it has been in vogue for several years now. 

But never go over the top! A combination of oversized wheels with smaller tires will have a negative impact on your driving, mileage, acceleration and braking prowess, and you will often have to go in for wheel alignments.

  1. Ensure the tech fits: After your new set of custom rims is fitted, the TPMS and other sensors have to be placed into position to ensure complete & uninterrupted road safety. If you find that your chosen custom wheels don’t provide you with the space to fit all the stuff in, it is time to upgrade to bigger wheels!

Summing up

Regardless of whether you are selecting and purchasing custom wheels and tires from online stores or your local supermarket, plan a budget for the entire process (fitting & tracking are extra) so that you do not go overboard!

And if you are eligible for free fitting, that’s one more reason to celebrate!

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