Here Are Beginner Tips on How to Bet on College Sports

Over the last few years, sports betting has become something mainstream. The stigma surrounding it has been reduced with more people embracing this form of gambling. In fact, several states have legalized sports gambling, making it easy for people to bet openly. But where does one begin? Betting is just as lucrative as it’s risky. If you’re a beginner, you have to start somewhere. Here are a few tips that can start you off.

Betting Against the Spread

One of the ways to bet on a favorite team is through the points spread. This is a handicap figure set by the sportsbook. Basically, it highlights how many points a particular team must win or lose for you to win. For instance, say Oklahoma is playing against Kansas State. If you check college football lines, the odds might look like this:

  • Oklahoma – +30.5
  • Kansas States – -30.5

At the end of the game, 30.5 points will be taken from Kansas state’s score for the purpose of the bet. If you bet on them, they need to win by over 31 points for you to win. On the other hand, Oklahoma will add 30.5 points at the end of the game. To win this bet, they must either win the game or lose by no more than 31 points. Points are usually spread depending on a team’s ability and several other factors.

Over and Under Betting

When you’re just starting to learn about betting on college football games, start with over and under-betting. Experts also call it totals betting. This bet doesn’t depend on the game’s outcome. Instead, you’re wagering on the total points both teams will score throughout the whole game. For instance, an over/under bet can look something like this

  • Oklahoma – 0 32.5
  • Kansas States – U 32.5

Instead of choosing the team you think will win between Oklahoma and Kansas State, you bet on whether the total points scored will be more or less than 32.5.

Double Check Everything Before Placing a Bet

Every time you make a bet, double-check to be sure. This is one of the rules of responsible betting. Put in exactly the figures or teams you want and confirm before clicking on the submit button. Most people make this mistake only to realize that they submitted the wrong thing at the end of the game. You’ll save yourself a lot of disappointments by simply checking your bets.

Never Bet on Something You Don’t Understand

Being a beginner means certain terms can pass you by. If you don’t understand something, don’t bet on it. Even if your friend suggests you bet in a certain way, understand what you’re getting into. Often, you hear stories of people who waged on something, assuming they would win, only to be disappointed. This often happens when people don’t understand a bet properly. Before you bet, ask yourself why you’re choosing a particular side and what has to happen for you to win that bet. This makes your decision easier. 

Be careful With drugs, Alcohol, and Emotions

You can easily lose control in sports betting, thanks to emotions, drugs, and alcohol. It’s okay to have a drink as you enjoy a game. But be careful, as this can impact your judgment. You might find yourself chasing a loss or betting on a game you wouldn’t.

Most Importantly, Have Fun

Betting is thrilling and exciting. At the end of the day, you should have fun with college sports betting. There might be losing days and winning days, but that’s the nature of betting. Understanding that anything can happen prepares you for any outcome.

The shared information is to guide you into making good betting decisions. When you mess up as a beginner, you’re likely to stay away. But when you follow these tips, it’s easy to enjoy the thrilling experience of betting.

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