Guidelines for all novice drivers to drive a go-kart efficiently!


Is your child crazy with cars and want to be a racer? Do you have fears that you cannot be a good driver? Or do you need to learn a sport that would give you a fever pitch? Go-karting in Sydney gives you all the joy of life. In go-karting, one uses a four-wheeled vehicle called a go-kart to drive. It is one of the most adventuresome and safe sports. Go-karting is a sport that is enjoyable for kids and adults. Kids from 6 years can go for this sport with proper guidance. Also, people of all financial statuses can afford this sport. It is a perfect sport to enjoy with your whole family during weekends or vacations. 

In Sydney, the most common causes of accidents include speeding, distraction, intoxication and many more. Go-karting also educates and improves the driving skills of future drivers. It teaches the young how to use the road without distractions and drive carefully with speed control. It is good to include this sport on your hobby list as it improves your concentration, boosts your confidence, quick reactions, better decision-making skills, and the never give up feeling. Go-karting in Sydney may be similar to driving a car. 

An electric off road go kart is one of the most affordable kinds of motorsports, and it’s a terrific place to start learning racing skills and getting comfortable behind the wheel. 

Here are a set of tips for a better go-karting in Sydney if you are a new bee:

1. Comfortable clothing

The prime area to look at before starting is comfortable clothing. Do not wear tight clothing so that you do not feel flexible to move your legs. Wear thick and long sleeve clothing to be comfortable while driving. People consider go-karting a safe sport. But, it is better to be cautious to avoid accidents. Wear your helmet to protect yourself from any mishap.

2. Comfortable position

Sit in a comfortable position before starting to drive. You cannot adjust your seating after starting as you may lose your focus on the track. Sit close to your seat and lean back. If you lean forward while driving, then your driving speed may decrease. Keep yourself relaxed so that; you can hold on to the steering and reach the pedals. Most importantly, buckle up your seat belt. 

3. Steering

Hold the steering tight. Do not drive with one hand. Go-kart does not have power steering, so it requires your efforts on changing the steering to change the position of your wheels. Grip your steering and place both your hands at the same level on it. Experts prefer a clock position of 3-9 to hold the steering. 

4. Start and stop 

Start your go-kart by pushing down the accelerator slowly, which is on your right side. Slowly raise it and then gain speed. For your convenience, the accelerator is green in colour. Release your accelerator slowly to decrease the speed without braking your kart. 

When you want to stop or feel like you want to decrease the speed to very slow, push down the red brake. The brake is on the left side and does not push down both the brake and accelerator simultaneously. The go-kart may shut down instantly or make some weird noise If you do so. If both the pedals are close together, use a single foot to manage both the pedals to avoid confusion. 

Brakes in go-karts are the exact opposite of the brakes in cars. Do not soft brake on a go-kart.

5. The turns

Driving smoothly on a turn is the basic you will have to master to become a good driver. The turns usually slow down your kart. Spin your kart if you go too fast, or you may lose control over it. So enter the turns slowly, then speed up and make an exit at a faster speed with control. Use your steering to move your kart correctly on the track. Use all the track areas to drive fast and smoothly on turns. 

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