Guide To Take Care of Your Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are proved to be the best blinds ever for covering the windows of your house for centuries. In fact, since the century when the need for window covering arises these blinds are there for help.

Flat and long pieces of fabrics used to cover walls, openings, doors and many other places for centuries which is later dodged by the glass installed in place them. But over the centuries these blinds are also still very helpful to control the sunlight to get entered in your house.

Roman Blinds can be used in any room of your house where you wanted to hang them. It always provides you with a pleasant feeling and a sophisticated environment with elegant windows dressing in your living room, dining room, bedroom or any other room of your house.

But when you purchased new roman blinds and it is the time to handle them with care. Most people don’t know how to care for their roman blinds properly which includes hanging them on the wall, cleaning them and maintaining them in the right manner.

In this guide, we will tell you the proper ways of taking care of your roman blinds in your house without getting any problems. So. Let’s see what methods you can use to preserve and maintain your roman blinds for a very long time.

How to Hang Roman Blinds Properly?

It is the most important step of having roman blinds in your home to achieve the best finish for the windows of your home. To hang them properly take them out from the packaging and straighten all the strings to check the upside and downside of the blind.

Now you can install them easily by just following the instruction given in the instruction manual which comes with the blinds. You can raise your blinds according to your need gradually and pause them in every pleat to take a more pleasant view with those blinds. When you raise them properly to the top pleat always make sure that all the inner lining are flat by just inserting your and inside the blind and if they are not flat and interlining then give them a little shake to drop the lining and make them flat from inside.

Which Fabric Is Best For Roman Blinds?

Fabric choice for roman blinds is huge than every other blind it comes with various variety of colours with different weighted and textured fabrics with a different look. Light-weighted materials like silk, and taffeta creates a very smooth and sheen fabric.

Medium Weighted fabric like cotton, linen and synthetic blends would be the best choice for those roman blinds. Because they are available in a huge variety of colours and prints which are best for the perfect roman blinds for your windows.

Heavy fabrics like wool, and velvet is also a great choice for roman blinds. The texture and weight that they provide are amazing and breathtaking which will create a full, luxurious and modern look for the windows of your house.

How to Clean Roman Blinds?

Cleaning your roman blind is a very interesting thing the approach of cleaning varies from fabric to fabric because all the fabrics come with different cleaning advice and if you are unknown of these advisories then you should look for the instruction manual for that kind of fabric.

To remove dust from the blinds you need a soft brush and place it on the lowest setting of your vacuum cleaner. Open the blind completely and start brushing the front side of the blind gently in the direction of top to bottom never vacuum the back of the blind because it contains more cords and it will be jumbled to handle.

As these blinds are made from soft fabric so removing stains from them is not an easy task to do and if you use any stain remover the fabric starts discolouration from that point. Instead, all of this try to use baby wipes which prove to be very effective in removing the stains from the blinds. If the roman blinds in your house are made up of silk fabric, then in that case only ask the professional to clean them never try to clean them at home.

How to Make Blinds Smell Fresher?

Blinds made from the soft fabric can absorb more smell of households especially if they are placed near the kitchen. If the roman blinds in your house start smelling unpleasant you can buy any kind of odour remover from the market or make them at home.

Another way is to lay your blinds on a flat surface and sprinkle some baking soda on them and leave them for 24 hours which absorbs all the odour from the blinds and you can vacuum the remaining from the surface.

Can Roman Blinds Install In The Kitchen or Bathroom?

It is a very bad practice to hang these roman blinds in places like the kitchen or a bathroom because these places have more moisture than any other place in your house and these blinds will never bear this high level of moisture because they are not made of moisture-resistant fabric.

But sometimes it will be a great choice for these places but if you find a sufficient fabric that will not mould due to moisture then you can pace these roman blinds in your kitchen or bathroom.

When it is the time for choosing a design always choose a more patterned design because it may cause fewer stains and marks of splashes to be visible enough. Cotton and polyester blends are a great option as they are available in a huge variety of colours and patterns and these kinds of fabrics are more durable than any other kind of fabric.


This is the guide here by which you can take care of your roman blinds easily at home and if you are not willing to do that then you must contact any professional near who appropriately guides you to take care of these blinds and then you can enjoy the natural feeling and an aesthetic look of the windows your house.

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