Google Released A New Update About Link Spam

There is a brand new update available for all of us from Google. This particular Google update is known as the “December 2022 Link Spam Update.”

This time around, the search algorithms used by Google will concentrate on mitigating the effect that “unnatural connections” have on the company’s search results. To get a head start in spam detection, the update will make use of Google’s SpamBrain AI, which is the company’s technology for preventing spam.

What’s New With The Link Spam Update For The Month Of December 2022

The last link spam update solely targeted the detection of spam links on websites, which are defined as links that do not provide the user with any information that is helpful to them. There was no investigation into the source from which the content publisher obtained these links.

However, the Link Spam Update scheduled for December 2022 will make use of SpamBrain to identify both parties involved in the transaction. It will identify websites that are purchasing these links as well as websites that are being utilized for the publication of these links.

Because this update ranks websites with real links higher than those with links provided only for the purpose of hacking the logic of the search algorithm, the quality of search results will increase as a result of this update.

What Is The Point Of Your Concern?

If you are in the marketing field, work in content strategy, or are an SEO specialist, you are always striving to improve your position in the search engine results pages. Acquiring backlinks from websites with a high level of authority is an essential component in achieving this goal.

It may appear to be difficult to get these connections; hence, corporations may start to explore purchasing them from content authors, websites, or black hat SEO service providers as a possible alternative to the lengthy process.

However, it is not the correct approach to collecting backlinks, and the December 2022 Link Spam Update highlights how important it is to get backlinks correctly once again.

The improvement will be beneficial to marketers that recognize the significance of gaining backlinks rather than purchasing them to rank higher. Spammy websites with links of little to no value will no longer be able to assist your rivals in outranking you.

What Is It That You Ought To Do?

It is imperative that we continue to provide material that is useful, intelligent, and entertaining, and that we obtain backlinks based on the quality of the information rather than purchasing them.

Do not be concerned if you are legitimately acquiring backlinks but are nonetheless observing a decline in the number of visitors coming to your website. The rollout of the fix will take two weeks, and Google’s algorithm will make the necessary adjustments to remedy the problem.

You may submit your concern in the Google community forum, and either a Google employee or one of your fellow webmasters should be able to assist you if the traffic to your website does not increase.

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