Google Analytics 101: What is it and What Are Its Benefits?

Google analytics is a web analytics tool that a lot of different business use due to the fact it is great for providing you with in-depth insight into your website and how it is being received by prospective customers. It is reasonably straight forward getting started with analytics but keeping up with it can be difficult, so difficult that it leaves a lot of people wondering if it is even worth it. The short answer? Yes, it is absolutely worth it. This article is going to go into more detail about the benefits of using Google Analytics for your business. 


You Can Keep Track of Your Online Traffic 

By using Google Analytics, you and your business are going to be able to keep track of all of the traffic that comes to your website. You will be able to have a full understanding as to where that traffic came from and where it visits on your site, which is crucial when it comes to running your business. 

It’s always handy to pinpoint exactly where this traffic is coming from as then you will be able to see what aspects of digital marketing your business is doing right and where it is going wrong. Of course, managing all of this data and then using it to your advantage can be tricky, which is why it is recommended you enlist the help of some experts such as smartboost. 

You or such an organization will be able to use analytics to see where your traffic is coming from and keep that in mind moving forward. The different sources of online traffic include: 

  • Organic
  • Social
  • Direct 
  • Referral 
  • Email 
  • Paid Search
  • Display 
  • Other 


You Can View Data Reports 

When you use analytics, you will have access to a range of different reports that pertain to different things. These reports can all be used for different reasons and all be helpful when it comes to continuing to promote your business online as much as possible. The different reports include: 

  • Mobile Overview Report 


This is important due to the amount of people who use a mobile phone for their online browsing. In viewing this you will be able to see where people are going on your mobile site and at what point they are leaving. If people aren’t sticking around then it could be because your site isn’t mobile friendly and if that’s the case, then you need to look into rectifying it. 

  • Site Speed Overview Report 

The speed of your site has proven to be crucial as people generally aren’t going to stick around if they are waiting too long for the pages of your site to load. The site speed overview will let you know how long people are waiting on your site and you will know whether or not you need to make some improvements in the process. 

  • Land Pages Report 

This will tell you what page is the one that people land on the most. This can be helpful as it will let you know the type of content and calls to action customers seem to be drawn to. 

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