Glock 19 Gen 5 – One Of the Best Glock Guns in The Market!

Glock 19

GLOCK pistols are small, yet powerful, handguns manufactured by the Austrian business of the same name to meet a specific need. The numerous variants of this weapon are actively employed by intelligence officials and police officers from NATO member states. When Glock starred in a number of Hollywood films, it became well-known. This has resulted in a considerable surge in sales throughout the world.

Model No. 17 is considered to be the “founder” of the line. It is divided into 34 sections. The process of disassembling and reassembling weaponry was extremely difficult for an untrained warrior. Without prior preparation, it is impossible to “decompose” the gun into its constituent pieces in less than 60 seconds. The Glock 17 on the other hand was tiny and light, and it also let you to shoot underwater. It is among the race for best Glock guns for sale in USA.

The fact that it did not fire a spontaneous shot while falling from a height of 2 meters or higher made it a generally safe device. In addition, there were only two misfires per thousand shots, which is a very excellent sign of the quality of the ammunition.

Characteristics of the design

  • GLOCK automation guns have stayed virtually unchanged. Recent model changes have presented themselves in the form of an increased magazine capacity, barrel length and cartridge calibre (among other things).
  • The trigger hook is also used to activate the weapon’s automated safety mechanism. By simultaneously clicking on these two items, you will be able to eliminate it.
  • The magazine eject button is placed on the left side of the handgun, right below the trigger, and it is depressed by pressing the button twice.
  • In order to allow for comfortable two-handed shooting, the trigger guard has been increased in size.
  • It is possible to manufacture the pistol’s monolithic frame in a single technological cycle, which makes weapon production more affordable and faster while yet maintaining excellent accuracy and precision.
  • The materials used in the manufacturing process are extremely resistant to a variety of hostile environmental impacts, as well as to oxidation and the formation of a corrosive coating.
  • Because the majority of the design components are interchangeable, it is not necessary to make a large number of separate spare parts for different versions.
  • It is possible to use a natural hand position for focused shooting because of the finger indentations on the grips and the thumb rest on the compact variants, both of which are available.

5 of the Best Glock Guns for Sale

1. Glock 43

The Model 43 was the first compact 9×19 pistol from Glock to include a single-row magazine, which was introduced with the Model 42. Many prominent weapon manufacturers are already producing compact pistols for this cartridge with a single-row magazine, which are ideal for concealed carry.

There are several examples in the United States, including Kahr pistols from the CW and CM series, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, and Springfield Armory XD-S; in Europe, there are German pistols like as the Walther PPS and Sig Sauer P290. As of March 2015, only the Glock 42 chambered in 9×17 was equipped with a single-row magazine, out of the whole Glock series. This manufacturer’s 9×19-caliber Glock with a single-row magazine was possibly the most anticipated model among users of the company’s products.

2. Glock 18

The Glock 18 was developed from the Model 17 for the Austrian Federal Police’s EKO Cobra (Einsatzkommando Cobra) anti-terrorist special force, which required a light, compact weapon with the ability to fire bursts. The Glock 18 was released in 1986 and was based on the Model 17.

The most significant difference between the Glock 17 and the Glock 18 is the inclusion of an automatic fire mode, which is triggered by the firing mode switching lever, which is placed on the left surface of the back of the shutter case on the left side of the gun. Aside from that, the Glock 18 is distinguished by the size of its frame guides and shutter casing, as well as parts of the trigger and barrel!

3. Glock 17

With the Austrian Glock 17 self-loading pistol, you have one of the most popular and recognizable self-loading pistols on the market today. It is in constant high demand from police and military forces around the world, as well as ordinary citizens who purchase their own weapons for sporting purposes and self-defence.

A large number of experts in the field of personal weapons and their combat application consider Glock pistols to be the best available anywhere in the world due to an excellent combination of such qualities as dependability in the harshest operating conditions, accuracy more than sufficient for combat shooting and self-defence, both aiming and speed “instinctive” offhand shooting, high safety, convenience, and comfort.

4. Glock 21

It was the introduction of the Glock 21 that marked a watershed moment in the evolution of short-barrelled firearms chambered in.45 ACP. Prior to this, practically all pistols of this calibre were manufactured with single-row magazines that could contain a maximum of seven bullets, and in some cases eight rounds.

Furthermore, at the time of the Model 21’s release, and even now, the majority of 45-caliber pistols were clones of the M1911, which was a popular weapon at the time. One of the most significant drawbacks of this weapon is its massive size and weight, which made it difficult to carry it concealed on a regular basis in a concealed manner.

5. Glock 19 Gen 5

The compact Glock 19 was debuted in 1988, and it was intended for use in the civilian arms market as well as for arming various special services and army commanders, among other things. On the contrary, it should have been expected that the tiny variant of the already extremely successful full-size Model 17 would become even more popular on the arms market.

As a result, the Glock 19 gained widespread acceptance among law enforcement officers as well as ordinary civilians who purchase compact pistols for concealed carry for self-defence and shooting sports. The Model Glock 19 Gen 5 has a barrel that has been reduced to 102mm and a grip that can accommodate a 15-round magazine. It is also possible to use larger capacity magazines built for the versions 17 and 18.

Why Should you Opt for Glock Pistols?

  • Because of proprietary barrel processing and the use of parts comprised of polymer materials, the gun has a high resistance to the formation of corrosive plaque.
  • Smooth recoil, excellent accuracy in the field.
  • It is light in weight.
  • Parts and assemblies with high wear resistance.
  • There is no requirement to swap fuses in order to move the weapon into fighting position.
  • Possibility of shooting in the water if desired.
  • Because of the ergonomic handle, it is simple to operate.

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