Glass Bong: How Are They Made?

Soon after the supposed legalization of marijuana, the US market has created some unique technological inventions. One such marvel is the glass pipes used as bongs to smoke weed. Such equipment is genuinely stunning and aesthetically pleasing. 

Eventually, it started to be referred to as a cannabis accessory. Especially after 18% of Americans indulged in marijuana in 2019, which is 48.2 million citizens

The popularity of glass bongs facilitated a rise in its production. And people started to speculate how these beautiful accessories were being made. 

So, from high-temperature furnaces to designing, this blog will take you through a glass bong-making journey. 


The Essence of a Glass Bong 

Glass bongs for smoking cannabis are pieces of glass art infused in functional anatomy. They get engineered to perfection and provide smokers with a smoother way to consume the burnt weed. 

This glass pipe is a true amalgamation of art and engineered perfection that can eventually become an impressive tool. And, such tools undergo rigorous manufacturing and developing procedures involving skilled men. The crafters can transform molten sand into a delicate and translucent product. You can even decorate your homes with glass bongs because of their beautiful structure. 


The Process of Bong Making 

If you can cool down molten sand to the perfect temperature and bend or stretch it, you can get a bong. And to get the suitable shapes, you will require a structured process. 


Get It Hot 

Glass bongs require a furnace that is about 2000o hot. Once the furnace reaches this crisp temperature, the makers put in the sand mixture for melting. And in some cases, it can be old glass as well. 

Using a Blowpipe

Once the material melts, the manufacturer will take a long, hollow metal rod. Meanwhile, in America, it is referred to as a blowpipe, and it allows the user to keep a safe distance from the furnace and quickly touch the molten glass. The blowpipe helps the makers grab the material, which is now a glass blob or “glob.” Consequently, they secure the soon-to-be glass on the pipe and take it out of the hot furnace. 

It Goes Into the Marver 

A marver tool will keep the warm glass controlled and help the makers maintain its shape and temperature. 

In this, the manufacturer will use numerous methods to get the glass glob into a shape. Meanwhile, the glass remains hot, and the marver helps design it because the chunk remains malleable. Also, the maker can add numerous colors and textures to enhance the design. 

Blowing the Glass 

Once the glass has its design, the maker will skillfully and slowly blow into it to create a bong shape. They use blow sticks and create a bubble. Furthermore, they create various shapes with this technique of pressing and rotating them. And in this stage, they will take the help of the marver until the product is in its desired shape. 

The Cooling Process 

After chipping the product from the marver, the maker will slip it into an oven. It is a special temperature-controlled apparatus that allows the glass to cool down efficiently and slowly. And in turn, the glass pipes get their strength and refrain from breaking easily. 

Smoking cannabis has become an art amongst Americans. Meanwhile, glass pipes have an artistic essence that remains unparalleled to other apparatuses. Such bongs are beautiful and undergo a rigorous manufacturing process, and it requires a high-temperature furnace, a proper marver, glass blowing, and an intricate cooling process. And the result? An aesthetically pleasing bong!

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