Giving Your Staff a Great Night Out – Hire a Chartered Bus and Other Tips

It may seem early but now is the perfect time to get ahead of the rush and start planning that end of year party for your staff. Especially after a tough couple of years and many not being able to have an end of year party since 2019, now is the year to make it extra special. And let’s face it, for those fortunate enough to still have a thriving and successful business after the last couple of years, a big contributing factor to that being the case is the amount of work that staff have put it. They have had to adapt to new ways of working, with many trying to juggle home schooling their children while working from home. Yes, what a great way to show your appreciation for and acknowledgment of all they have done – a staff day or night out with lots of luxurious treats. So, what are some ideas for the works trip out this year?

To make it extra special and so that there are no designated drivers who miss out on some of the fun, why not hire a chartered bus? It will allow the day or evening to start earlier and get everyone in the mood for a fantastic trip out. Before even reaching the venue, your staff will see that their comfort and happiness is important to you, and you appreciate all they do. Chartered buses are much cheaper and environmentally friendly than hiring a bunch of taxis. They are also the safest way to travel to your day trip or evening out, unless you plan to take a plane! Yes, picking the right way to travel can really enhance the whole experience. It creates important opportunities for team bonding and a chance to enjoy some fun with those they usually see in a more serious capacity.

There are also other things you could think about to make the trip an enjoyable one. Try arranging a trip that is more interactive and hands on. Going to watch a theatre show may sound lovely but there will be little bonding and socialising going on. Think more along the lines of paintballing, go-karting, kayaking, etc. I can guarantee there will be lots of laughs and your staff will end the day much closer than at the start.

Now is the time to start planning a trip for your hard-working staff. Give them a day or evening full of laughter and fun and be sure to use a chartered bus too bring the luxury and comfort that they deserve and will love.

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