Getting tplinkrepeater Not Working Issue? Let’s Fix!

If you want to access internet on all your devices without signal drop, then TP Link WiFi range extender is the best option. However, 90% of users have reported that after performing TP-Link extender setup, when they try to log in, they get welcomed by the tplinkrepeater not working error message. 

If you are also one of those who are getting the same tplinkrepeater not working error message, then consider yourself lucky because you’ve landed on the right post. Here, in this post, you’ll find the best tips that’ll help you in fixing http tplinkrepeater net not working issue in no time. Let’s take the plunge!

Note: Though we have taken the example of TP Link AC750 WiFi range extender in the post yet you can use this article to troubleshoot tplinkrepeater not working error issue for any extender model you have.

Fix: Tplinkrepeater Not Working Issue

Fix 1: Check the Hardware

Let’s first start with the basic troubleshooting tip. Bear in mind – if the hardware of your TP Link WiFi range extender is damaged or corrupted, nothing can stop you from getting the tplinkrepeater not working issue. Thus, to deal with the issue, make sure that the hardware of your WiFi range extender isn’t damaged. Apart from that if your extender’s power cable has cut from any end, get it replaced right away. Additionally, we also suggest – providing a proper supply to your TP Link extender. 

Fix 2: Update the Web Browser

One of the common yet major reasons why TP-Link extender users face the tplinkrepeater not working issue is because of the use of an outdated web browser. Yes, that’s absolutely correct! Before accessing tplinkrepeater login portal, update the internet browser you are using to the most recent version. Besides, it is also suggested – for better performance of your internet browser, consider clearing the cache, cookies, and browsing history. And, what’s more? To boost up your browsing speed – close all the unwanted open tabs.

Fix 3: Have a Strong Internet Connection

TP Link AC750 WiFi range extender might behave weirdly because of a slow internet connection. But, you don’t have to sweat over it! To get the slow internet issue fixed, follow the instructions provided below:

  • Contact your ISP as soon as possible.
  • Ask your service provider to upgrade your data plan (if needed).
  • Ensure that your TP-Link WiFi extender and router are properly connected using an Ethernet cable or a wireless source. 
  • Make sure that all your pending internet bills are clear.
  • The device provided by your ISP must not be outdated.

Fix 4: Perform Extender Firmware Update

Your WiFi-enabled devices need a regular update to work smoothly without getting slow, right? Well, the same is the case with your TP Link WiFi range extender. Your TP Link AC750 device needs to be updated with the latest firmware version on a regular basis in order to perform well. To update the firmware of your TP Link WiFi range extender, visit the official site of the device and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Note: You can also use the TP link app to get success with the process.

After following the firmware update instructions in the exact given order, you’ll be able to get the most out of your AC750 device. Are you able to fix tplinkrepeater not working issue after updating TP link extender’s firmware? If not, then try the next troubleshooting tip in our post.

Fix 5: Power Cycle Your TP Link Extender

In the event that the aforementioned troubleshooting tips don’t help you out, then perhaps, you should try power cycling or rebooting your TP-Link AC750 WiFi range extender. Rebooting your device regularly will somehow help you fix any technical issues with your WiFi range extender. Thus, don’t forget to give your TP Link AC750 extender a quick restart in a day or two. 

Still tplinkrepeater is not working for you? Then why not you try to log in to your AC750 device, perform TP Link AC750 setup process, configure or modify its settings using the default IP address? Yes, IP or the extender’s IP address works the same, i.e. to log in configuring, etc.

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