Getting School Admission in Noida As Well as Noida Extension

Getting school admission in Noida as well as the newly come up best schools in Noida extension is something that most parents can manage quite well, but what is important is the fact that one should get the admission in the right kind of school. Both Noida and Noida Extension are expansive urban sprawls replete with cutting-edge infrastructure including many new schools. However, not all schools are equally good and the decision to put one’s child into a certain school has to be considered. Let us look at the factors that go into that decision.

Things to remember before school admission in the best schools in Noida and Noida Extension

1-Proximity to home

It is not enough that one should get admission to a good school. One also has to ensure that it is not at a great distance from home. Noida and Noida Extension are sprawling towns and it does not make sense for one to send one’s children very far from home as that can completely tire them out. It makes sense to find the right kind of school at the right distance from home, as this is a decision your child will have to live with for years to come.That is where one should seek school admission for one’s kid. For instance,someone living in the Noida extension should really look at the best schools in the same area, rather than in Noida.


It makes sense to get one’s child or children admitted in a school that offers much in demand syllabuses like CBSE, IGCSE and International Baccalaureate as these are the kind of curricula that can ensure them the best possible future in terms of where they can go for higher studies. One’s choice of school for one’s school most certainly has to give maximum weightage to this factor when thinking of obtaining school admission in noida

for one’s kids.

3-Academic Track Record

How well a school in Noida or the best schools in Noida extension fare when it comes to its academic track record is definitely something that needs to be kept in mind when choosing a school for one’s child. How one’s child performs academically will after all have the biggest impact on his or her future. A school may have the swankiest architecture in the world, but if it lags in terms of its academic record it may not be the place to send your child to.

4-Sports and Extracurricular Facilities

The holistic development of a school-going child cannot be complete unless the school that he or she goes to provides very good sports and extracurricular facilities. Sport is good not just from the point of view of health, but one’s mental development as well. One has to check out if the Noida school one zeroes in on for one’s child is the right one with regard to every aspect. As they day-all work and no play make Jack a very dull boy.


Noida, including the new area of Noida extension, is a very exciting place in terms of how modern and futuristic it is. The place and its surrounding areas have some excellent schools leaving one spoiled for choice, when it comes to obtaining school admission in Noida for one’s child. That being said, one should still carry out some research about which one best suits one’s requirements. The choice of a school for your child is a major decision which decides his or her future happiness. While Noida has the best of schools, one should take one’s time in arriving at the right one for one’s child.

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