Games And Activities With Children

Children do not like to be bored… 

If they have nothing to do, they start behaving, whining, breaking toys, wandering around with their tails, and looking at them with imaginary eyes. 

Moms have to think about how to entertain their children constantly. 

Let’s talk about how to fill a child’s fun with exciting games and activities and find time for yourself.

A Rule Of Thumb: Teach Them How To Play Right.

Babies don’t know how to play… 

Their primary need is a good and strong relationship with adults in the first year of life. If you leave them alone for more than 5 minutes, your baby will feel abandoned.

What entertainment for children can be offered at such a tender age, other than rattlesnakes? 

You can sing songs, use new words, and play finger games with your baby to develop speech. 

Place bright pictures on the walls, bring a crumb, and tell them about the pictures. 

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After half a year, the children are happy to play hide-and-seek, checkers, crumple paper, and scatter cereals in containers. 

Having learned to sit, the child will happily roll a ball or a machine, build a dome with the help of his mother and then lower it. 

How To Entertain a One-year-old Child?

At this age, children learn to control their bodies. Active ball games, catching up, hiding and hiding, dancing to music, overcoming obstacle courses are beneficial. 

It is essential to develop the child’s fine motor skills through playing..

Teach him to draw with pencils, buy finger paints, make sausages from clay and dough. 

Children also like to watch their parents’ puppet shows!

Teach Your Kid To Play Independently

Should a parent constantly play the role of animator, inventing entertainment for children? 

While a child is small, it is inevitable. However, for 2-3 years, you can teach children to play alone.

Here is the right way to do it:

  • Teach your child to play with dolls and cars. 
  • Simulate familiar situations together: going to the store, doctor, feeding, traveling in transport, etc. 
  • Make various plots and suggest unfamiliar words. 
  • When the child is busy playing with one thing, leave him alone for a short time, then you can give him a mini task to enjoy(cook bear soup, put the truck to sleep).
  • To develop fantasy and horizon, read more books, listen to audio fairy tales, and play out their plots.
  • Buy simple board games. Let a child learn to follow the rules, win, and lose. He will need it while communicating with his peers.
  • Do not disturb him if your child watches a caterpillar for 5 minutes or touches dust while walking. Encourage every attempt to take action.

Conditions For Independent Play

Turn off the TV and remove the tablet: Children quickly “sit” on cartoons, becoming passive viewers. 

This is suitable for parents, but the child’s development of initiative and imagination is inevitably inhibited.

Make a safe play area: Buy simple toys that leave room for creativity. Cubes and teddy bears are more valuable than interactive dolls and radio-controlled cars.

Occasionally hide a piece of toy: giving a similar bag with already forgotten bunnies and trucks as a replacement.

Start the game on your own: then think about urgent work and leave the child alone. Watch him. 

If the game has become lethargic, join in for a while, then let him finish the game by himself. 

Be sure to praise the children when they play alone.

Seeking Attention

Sometimes children go after their mother with a tail and need fun not because they are bored. 

They seek love and attention… 

This often happens to children who spend all day in kindergarten. In this case, you can organize a “hug,” a joke for a joke, or to attract a child to household chores. 

Let him help you wash the vegetables, sort the laundry, wipe the dust. Be sure to spend time together.

Written By: Dema JS

Founder of and a mother of two little kids. Dema had her MBA from St. John’s University- NYC in dual concentrations: Executive Management and Marketing Management. 

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