Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter with Kids at Home


Easter is on its way, and we can’t wait anymore to celebrate the occasion with our loved ones. As you already know, Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It will fall on 17th April 2022. As it is approaching, you might have already started making plans for celebrating the day with your kids. Besides gifting them a cute Easter teddy bear, you can do a lot of fun-filled activities to make the day more special. 

Families celebrate this joyous time of the year together with Easter eggs and bunny rabbits. This springtime fun occasion is a perfect time for you to create some amazing memories. However, it can be hard to come up with fun activities that you can do with your kids. Being parents, you would want to do things that bring a smile to your child’s face. Also, these activities should teach your child the significance of the day. 

We have compiled the most fun & enlightening ways to celebrate Easter with kids. 

Decorate Your House

One of the most fun activities that you can do with your child is decorating the house for the holiday. Firstly, start with cleaning the house. You can assign small tasks to your children like cleaning a table or chair. Once cleaned, you can decorate your home with beautiful crafts. Besides having fun, you and your child will be able to spend some quality time together. You can perhaps ask your kids to decorate small cups or glasses with bunny faces for festive drinkware. Painting pots and creating decor accessories with paper or other materials can be really fun. It will bring out the creative side of your child. Make sure to keep talking to your kids while cleaning or decorating the house to keep their excitement alive. 

Color Easter Eggs

Another fun way to celebrate the holiday and follow the Easter rituals is to color Easter eggs. Decorate and color the eggs with your kids. Provide your children with different colors and ask them to decorate eggs the way they want to. Children love art and craft activities and exploring new ideas. Thus, they will thoroughly enjoy this fun session. Let your kids color the eggs with their favorite colors and make their favorite drawings. They can make beautiful designs or funny faces on the eggs byte news. This exciting activity will be a great way to have a good time with kids. 

Give an Easter Gift

Easter is incomplete without gifts. In fact, the holiday is all about sharing gifts and smiles. To add to the excitement of your kids, gift them something that they will love. When it comes to gifting kids, there are plenty of options. A plush brown teddy bear makes an excellent gift option for kids. Not only do teddy animals provide lifelong companionship to children, but they also offer comfort like no other. Apart from giving a fluffy teddy bear, you can also gift other items like a coloring book, crayons, or a jigsaw puzzle. Moreover, giving educational toys to kids is the finest way to teach them essential skills during playtime. So, surprise your kids with delightful Easter gifts, and don’t forget to complement them with chocolates. 

Make Delicious Buns & Cookies

Do you love cooking? If so, it is time to show your cooking abilities to make Easter special for your kids. Easter is not an Easter without hot cross buns. You can prepare delicious resurrection buns, and you can take the help of kids while making them. You can ask your child for their advice on what shape and size they want for these mouth-watering buns. It will fuel the excitement of kids, making them more energetic about the occasion. Also, taking advice from children makes them feel more valued, which has a positive impact on their psyche. So, make tasty buns and cookies with your kids and have a great cooking session. 

Do other Fun Activities

Apart from the ones discussed above, there are many more such cheerful activities that you can do with kids. For example, you can organize and play indoor hunt games. You can play an Easter egg hunt game in which you have to hide clues all around the house. Kids will then search for the egg-based on the clues. Parents can give a personalized Easter basket to kids and place a clue inside the basket. Looking for clues and cracking them is the most fun part of the game. Besides, you can also read an Easter story to your child and teach them about the significance of the day. You can tell them why the day is celebrated and why it is so special for Christians. Apart from telling Easter stories, you can also watch an Easter movie that inculcates good Christian values in children.

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So, these are the fun-filled activities that you can do with kids to make the occasion much more memorable. In addition to these activities, don’t forget to make some Easter cards. Also, it is the perfect day to do some charity and teach good values to your children. For example, you can give plush teddy bears to underprivileged children and make them smile. You can also donate clothes or other stuff to charity-based organizations. Hopefully, these ideas will let you have fun on Easter. So, brace yourself for the occasion because it is coming pretty soon!

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