Features of Graco Magnum x7

The Graco Magnum x7 is a professional-grade airless paint sprayer that offers superior performance and reliability. It features an Easy-Start™ ignition system for easy starts and a lifetime warranty on the pump motor. The Magnum x7 is also one of the most affordable high-performing airless paint sprayers on the market today. With its durable construction and high quality, it is perfect for any painting project. So if you’re looking for an airless paint sprayer. That will get the job done right, the Graco Magnum x7 is your best choice.

Easy to Use

The Graco Magnum X7 sprayer is an easy-to-use, high-quality paintbrush. That helps homeowners update the look of their house in minutes. Spray painting is the perfect solution for people who want their house to look good fast. Unlike other methods, you don’t have to spend hours working around outlets. And windowsills with brush strokes visible on walls- just spray it!

Magnum X7 Pump

The Graco x7 paint sprayer has a stainless-steel piston pump. This means you can use your product for years without worrying about its lifespan! Unlike other types that break down easily or don’t work at all in some cases. Due to consistent performance- this one will provide great results every time. And with two different nozzles depending on the type surface being protected (flush mounts are specifically made). There is really nothing standing between yourself and getting things done around the house quickly and efficiently…

Easy to Carry

You can take this anywhere! The portable and usable design of the larger-sized paint sprayer makes it great for any job, no matter how big or small. Plus with its weight coming in around 27 pounds you won’t have trouble moving around on your own two feet either – just be careful when pulling out those wheels because they’re pretty sturdy themselves so don’t expect them to fly away easily if pulled too roughly against an edge while turning corners.

Control the Pressure

The ⅝ horsepower motor of this sprayer is perfect for DIY projects because you have so much control over pressure. With a 3000 PSI output, it can finish any job quickly and efficiently with just the right amount applied to each surface!

In addition there’s 50 feet worth (or more) attached hoses available which means that if I need longer lengths than what comes standard – no problem–It’ll adjust accordingly by adding extensions whenever necessary.

Tube for Suction

This sprayer has a unique system of suction tubes that can either be used to pull paint from 1 or 5 gallon containers. The machine also comes with pail hook attachment for attaching large buckets, making it easy and quick while working on your house

Reason to Choose Magnum X7

The Graco Magnum X7 features a 1.25 tip, which allows you to accomplish more with one can than other standard-size tips and yet it’s still easy on your fingers!

Interior and Exterior Usage

The Contractor’s Choice paint sprayer is a tool that can be used both in the interior and exterior. This product has been specially designed to provide you with consistent, reliable results time after time while saving your valuable project resources such as labor costs for staining projects or painting walls; it also helps avoid any messes thanks its trigger control system which allows users who don’t have much experience using this type of equipment (including beginners) get perfect jobs every single visit.

The mist from this sprayer is so even and steady that it eliminates drips, runs, clogging – all without missing a beat!


The power behind the Magnam X7 means you can tackle indoor or outdoor painting jobs with ease. It’s efficient coverage capability will leave your projects completed quickly while also saving money on time spent cleaning it for next project

When you need paint, there’s no time for waiting. That is why it has a Teflon needle-bearing pump that runs virtually silent and won’t bother your senses while being productive at what they’re designed to do: spraying perfectly smooth coats of color onto any project needing attention! The only noise coming from this gun come through compressed air forcing itself upon us without fail every single minute – but don’t let its small size fool

Uses of Graco Magnum X7

To apply paint, attach the fluid end of your machine to a suitable container. And then pour the desired amount into cup. When using an airless sprayer for work pieces like wood or metal surfaces. That require fine details you will need to hold it upright at 45 degrees in order to prevent spilling; begin moving forward slowly 1 foot away from where painting begins while taking even strokes across the entire area being worked on until finished with current section before cleaning tip thoroughly after each use.

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