FBS reviews: How to pick a top forex broker

FBS review

There are a few essential factors to consider when selecting the best forex broker for your requirements. Let’s find out about the best broker by reading FBS review.

1. The broker’s presence in the FX market is just one.

Seek out firms with a history of success. The more reviews you may turn to aid in your decision-making, the longer they have been on the market. Additionally, more established businesses cherish their reputation. They are therefore more likely to provide excellent service and carry out their duties.

2. Permits

Your trading portfolio is in danger if you select a broker that isn’t regulated and doesn’t comply with regulatory compliance. Independent government agencies regulate properly licensed brokers to safeguard investors and dealers. Additionally, maintaining licenses may be costly, so only trustworthy businesses will comply.

3. Registration country

A network of representative offices demonstrates a dedication to the brokerage profession even if more and more brokers provide entirely online services. Also indicating that your portfolio is in good hands is registration in a nation with strict financial protection laws.

4. Trading circumstances

Every brokerage platform has a unique set of features and requirements. First, consider which characteristics are most significant to you. For instance, do you want to use a margin account to execute heavily leveraged trades? Would you want a modest initial deposit? How simple is it to use the site to deposit or withdraw money? Which commission percentage does the broker charge? 

5. High-quality customer service

Forex trade is anticipated to occur continuously. Therefore, the broker should provide help around-the-clock as well. Check out the company’s customer service reviews. It would be beneficial if you had faith in the broker’s capacity to act rapidly in the event that problems arose with your account.

6. Feedback from other buyers

Reviews from other traders might be considerably more trustworthy than the company’s marketing copy when determining the caliber of a forex broker. Reviews also aid in assessing the bar set by the broker in delivering the services they offer.

7. Position in the FX rankings published by Traders Union

A valuable tool for evaluating the best brokers in the world is our audit of several different brokers. Our evaluation of each platform is based on more than 100 distinct factors, and we carefully consider user feedback.

Top forex trading firms for beginners


One of the top social trading platforms in the world is eToro. In addition to providing stocks and cryptocurrencies in the same portfolio, eToro is a great forex broker that enables copy trading for novices at a reasonable cost. The platform serves millions of customers and is multi-regulated, making it a reliable broker for new traders.


Beginners in the forex market may use various active and passive trading instruments provided by Forex4you. Trade on the platform to test your strategies on a demo or low-risk cent trading account with transactions starting at only 2 cents and benefit from tight spreads, copy trading, and instructional tools.


Another fantastic alternative for forex newbies seeking a reliable trading platform is Tickmill. Tickmill is your broker of choice because the UK’s top FCA regulates it. They also provide rapid account setups, some of the lowest spreads on the market, and free deposits and withdrawals. Beginning traders benefit from copy trading choices and demo accounts.

Making a well-informed decision on the best forex broker might be difficult. After all, many solutions are available, some of which are superior to others. 

FBS, a global CFD broker, was founded in 2009. The Financial Sector Conduct Authority, the International Financial Services Commission of Belize, (CySEC) are just a few of the international financial regulatory authorities that oversee it (FSCA)

The broker’s services vary somewhat depending on the legal organization you create an account with. We emphasize information pertinent to other legal bodies while concentrating on the services under CySEC in our study.

CFDs have a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage; losses occur in 75.2% of retail investor accounts who trade CFDs with this supplier. It would be beneficial if you considered your comprehension of how CFDs work and your capacity to accept the high danger of financial loss. Make sure to do extensive research before making a decision. In the long run, it will save you a ton of time and maybe a negative experience that would make you search for a better option.

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