Faster ways to rent out your home

According to market research from the first quarter of 2017, rentals are still under downward pressure, following last year’s pattern of slow growth. Landlords in Dubai are finding creative methods to keep their properties occupied as rents decline in several locations and new residential units are delivered in the run-up to Expo 2020.

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In the event that you’re a landlord trying to rent out an empty space, we’ve compiled a list of marketing suggestions for you to use. If you want to do Property valuation Dubai, please visit our website.

Put up an eye-catching advertisement.

Content in your ad might help you stand out from the hundreds of other ads that are regularly updated on internet platforms. Additionally, it’s a good idea to give other details about your home that may be of interest to potential renters. High-quality photos and concise, well-written copy make for a more compelling ad than unwieldy paragraphs and crammed text ever would. If you need office for rent, we can provide you office for rent in Business Bay.

Provide options and add-ons

Convenience is one of the primary benefits of renting a home. The sooner you sign your rental agreement, the more leeway you give yourself. Some examples are as follows:

There are many rent checks in the mail:

Renters may find it more easy to pay in instalments if a property offers a variety of options for doing so. Unless you provide a much cheaper rent for upfront or one-check contracts, there are fewer takers. If you are looking for office for rent in Dubai, please visit our website.

Included in the package are all of the following:

A growing number of expatriates, particularly those who are single and working professionals or students, are seeking for all-inclusive solutions — rent and utilities. It’s a good idea to develop a package for such groups of individuals if you’re in a location where they’re popular.

Contracts for a short time:

With their new occupations and lack of familiarity with the city, many expats moving to Dubai are looking for shorter-term contracts. Shorter lease arrangements, such as three or six months, would give your rental property a leg up on the competition.

Extending the agreement:

Even if tenants aren’t interested in extending their leases for another full year, why not give them the option to do so for a few more months? Because of the downward pressure on rents and the abundance of properties, this may seem like a decent plan.

Upkeep should not be overlooked.

For renters, visiting a house is an opportunity to envision themselves living there in the future. Having the old paint and scarred surfaces serve as a constant reminder of the people who lived there before them is a significant turn-off for potential tenants. This is why you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to maintaining your vehicle, even if it means paying extra money on repairs. Make a lasting first impression by doing your best to make a good one.

Select a good representative

Make sure you choose the correct agent if you’re going to use their services to discover the finest offer. Determine the reputation and customer service abilities of the person you choose. This person should ideally be a local real estate professional with a diverse range of expertise. Consult RERA to see whether the agent is legitimate and the real estate firm is registered with Dubai Land Department.

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