Fantasy Premier League Tips That You Should Know

You are probably quite new to Fantasy Premier League, and you might be confused about some things. Or maybe you are one of those hardcore FPL managers who need a comprehensive guide to show to your colleagues and get into your mini-league. 

Fantasy Premier League is a dynamic game. Even if you are familiar with the fundamentals of the game, there is always a possibility of making an error in the process. Fret not, for we are here to provide Fantasy Premier League tips for you. Let us start first with the basics. 

Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League is an online game that lets you play the role of a manager of Premier League players. Your task is to pick 15 real-life squad players from the 21/22 Premier League who will score points for your team based on their performance in PL matches.

For your 15-man team, FPL limits your budget to £100.0m. Prices given to players will depend on the number of FPL points they are estimated to give to you. 

How to Register 

To start playing Fantasy Premier League, head over to and create an account. Input your email address and password, and then confirm your email address. 

After setting up your account, choose a team name. As simple as that, you can now enjoy playing Fantasy Premier League.  

Fantasy Premier League Basics

Have you wanted to join millions of people who love this game? Here are the basics that you need to know before getting started.

Building a Team

After signing up, FPL managers will be given a £100.0m budget for a starting squad of 15 players. Each team consists of:

  • 2 goalkeepers
  • 5 defenders
  • 5 midfielders
  • 3 forwards

You can choose a maximum of 3 players in any Premier League Club.

Selection of Team

Each manager should select a starting XI from their squad within the Game Week’s time frame. Managers can choose any formation and line-up as long as it includes 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 2 midfielders, and 1 forward. The time limit is 90 minutes before the kick-off time of Game Week’s first match.

Scoring Points

Corresponding points will be given to players based on goals, assists, saves, and clean sheets. Players can gain extra points each time they are included in the leading performers of the bonus points system (BPS). Points gained by the team will be based on the performance of their 11 starting players. 

If a starting player fails to appear in your club, the score will automatically be added to the opposing team. To ensure that the top-priority player will be chosen, managers should rank their substitutes according to preference. A captain and vice-captain should also be hand-picked for the game week. 

Scores for the captain are doubled, but if the player does not appear on the game week, the score of the vice-captain would be doubled instead.


Managers can compete with friends and others globally by creating and joining leagues. Private leagues are used when competing against friends. Simply send the code for your friends to join. You can compete in up to 25 invitational leagues with no limit on the number of teams. For public leagues, you can compete up to 5. 

Making Transfers

Managers will be given one free transfer for each game week after the season. Through this, they can switch a player in return for a member of their squad as long as it is within the budget. Managers who will not use their free transfer can carry it over the next game week, so they’ll have 2 free transfers. However, building up to more than 2 free transfers is prohibited. 

Player Prices

These changes during the season are based on the popularity among managers. Managers who own a player while his price grows will gain profit once they sell him at a high price. But, they are required to pay a 50% sell-on fee. 


Over the season, you can use 5 chips to boost your squad’s total points during the game week.

1. Wildcard to overhaul your team without losing points.

2. Triple Captain to get the points thrice for your captain.

3. Bench Boost enables you to obtain points from non-playing substitutes.

4. Free Hit for resetting your team before it reverts for one week.

Among all the chips, a wildcard is the most powerful. Only one wildcard is available for each half of the season. Note that you can play only 1 chip during game week. 

Fantasy Premier League Tips and Tricks

Now that you have learned the basics of FPL, it is time to learn helpful tips for choosing the right players and dominating mini-leagues of your friends and family. 

Be a Good Trader

Three things will help you become a good trader from the start-up to the end of the season. 

First, the way you will spend the handed budget on players will decide on the future value of your team. Your goal is to increase your team’s value while also earning a lot of points. Budget players cost less but can score big points for your team. 

Second, decrease your bench cost. Do not overspend on bench players. Only use your budget on them during Christmas and New Year periods where there are double game weeks. 

Lastly, find bargains. Monitor in-form players. Some players score high on certain months. So, monitor their patterns and target players based on their upcoming fixtures. 

Make Use of Stats

Numbers matter. These are the only variables you can use to forecast if a player will do good. During team selection, you can view hundreds of stats. You can make use of those stats while being on the FPL platform. Upcoming fixtures and player stats are the most important ones. Use them to control your mini-league. 

Have a Plan

It is very important to have a plan in FPL. The chances of scoring big in Fantasy Premier League are low when you do not have a concrete plan. A tip is to limit your captaincy choices and not give out armbands to an odd player. Planning will spare you from bad game weeks. 

Keep a low pool of captains

Captains are the top-most important players in a Fantasy Premier League team. Captains can solely save your game week. It is best to experiment with a different captain every week. By doing so, you are increasing the chance to score big during game week. 

Make use of chips cleverly

Use your chips wisely. Some chips are only available for one-time use, unlike the wildcard, which you can get twice throughout the season. Delaying the use of chips is a bad move. Your chips are useful, especially during double game weeks. Also, note to use your wildcard until mid-season before it expires.


Fantasy Premier League is not that complex as long as you use the right data and information. Hopefully, these tips will be a game-changer to make your gaming sessions more fun. 


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