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The base of a person’s life starts from home and school, a proper base is extremely important for the good growth of the person. One should join the famous English medium school in Jaipur, which provides all-around development for a student. A student’s personality is shaped in school, where one can interact with people of numerous nature, socially, and academically strengthen themselves, and shape themselves as a perfect individual fit to live in society.

VSI International English Medium School Jaipur is one of the famous schools in Jaipur, where one can mould their personality and become a precious gem in the future. School life is like the life of a tree if the roots are not strong enough it doesn’t grow up into a perfect tree likewise the roots of a person is a school life that helps him grow internally and externally and which one gets a fruitful future. This famous school in Jaipur serves as the perfect root for the students with an affordable fee structure. It does not simply emphasize academic performance but also the emotional, mental, physical, and social growth of the student.

Admission Open(2020- 2021)

For the admission procedure students have to fill out the admission form which one can receive from the reception, in this form it is clearly stated the required documents for the admission. One has to pay the prescribed registration fee along with the admission form after filling it. The age criteria for the admission of playgroup and nursery are 2years and 6months old and the nursery is 3 years onwards.

Facilities Offered

This famous school In Jaipur imparts myriad facilities to the students by properly acquiring these facilities one can come out to be a prominent individual. The facilities of the famous school in Jaipur are as follows:-

  • Activity room- Here the students explore themselves, choose the activities they are interested in and interact with each other. Almost all sorts of the learning process are introduced in this room.
  • Playground- One of the most essential in school is a playground where a student can transform themselves into physically fit people and at times can choose a career related to games.
  • Readers hub: It provides the best library where one can discover about the world. 
  • Math lab- It is a space where a kid can practically learn about maths, counting, adding, and so on.
  • Smart class- With the help of such smart classes the famous school in Jaipur introduces the latest technology for teaching before the students.
  • Computer lab: In today’s generation computer education is a must for all students.
  • Transportation- The school has air-conditioned buses for transportation.
  • Safety- Nowadays the safety and security of the student are very important as during student life one is eager to explore new things like abuse, violence, drugs, etc.


This famous school in Jaipur received the “Rajasthan Educational Excellence Award” in the year 2017.

The academic sphere plays a vital role in the life of the student, throughout this phase one should acquire enough confidence to lead the life in future. Accordingly, the students need to be motivated for every positive action he/she does. Furthermore, the awards help one to gain confidence and reinforce their inner qualities. This famous school in Jaipur sets out numerous awards for multitudinous activities such as:-

  1. Best Students
  2. All Rounder Students
  3. Highest Scorer Students
  4. 100% Attendance
  5. Ideal Monitor

Fees Pattern

There are some basic guidelines that the famous school in Jaipur follows in behalf of fees:-

  • Once the fee is deposited it cannot be refunded.
  • The fee should be deposited before the 15th of every month.
  • If by any means the fee is not deposited before the intended date one has to pay a fine of Rs 10 per day.
  • If any circumstances occur where the bank cheque bounces then it’s the responsibility of the parents to make the payment of the bank charges and the penalty too.
  • The admission of the student can be cancelled if the fee is not deposited in the envisaged month.


The address of the famous school in Jaipur is immensely handy and approachable by any means of transport. The address is Vsi International School, Sec, 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur (Raj) 302033.

Contact Details

One can learn about the famous school in Jaipur through its website. For further details and proper information about the school, a person can mail and the mail id is [email protected] A person can dial this number 9309305656 and 0141-2793080 for the knowledge of the famous school in Jaipur.

VSI, the famous school in Jaipur bestows supreme education to its students which makes it the most sought school in Jaipur. With its various facilities, it brings out the bright side of the student, which is helpful for the further growth of a person.

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