Export Emails to Sheets: Improve Work Productivity

Export Emails to Sheets

A bulk of critical information gets delivered to your email inbox, including invoices, inquiries, and attachments in a steady trickle of data. All this unorganized and unrelated data is stored together even though it most certainly needs separate processing. Solid hours of manual work mining, collecting, and organizing this data could have been better utilized for more productive purposes. Artificial Intelligence may save you.

What is an Email Parser?

An email parser is a data processing software application used for data extraction from incoming emails, which helps you skip this tedious manual data entry. A parsing algorithm pulls data from an email’s header, content, and even attachments, including PDF, CSV, and MS Office files.

You can use an email parser to extract information from any machine-generated email. These can include shipment updates and notifications, Google alerts, LinkedIn or Indeed applications, purchase offers, emails of leads, and so on.

The list below contains some examples of parsable sorts of information:  

  • Intake, order, and real estate listing forms
  • Customer polls and surveys
  • Responses to customers  
  • CRM database automatic updates
  • Creating multiple email lists  
  • Backing up critical email messages
  • Numerical amounts: totals and subtotals  
  • Delivery, shipping, order dates, and so on.

How Does it Work?

The email parser collects information from emails using parsing rules which guide our email parser in locating and extracting data from emails. So parsing rules instruct the email parser on extracting particular data fields from messages in email.

As a result, you may turn an unstructured email into organized data that is easier to manage and quicker to access through Google spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel. It makes processing the gathered data using formulae and scripts in Google Spreadsheets much faster and more productive.

A Few Examples of Why You Need It

Whether you are an entrepreneur, realtor, attorney, or an employee you will never need to manually process emails anymore for yourself or your company and clients. Email attachments containing exportable data, such as purchase orders, the total amount paid, taxes, quantity, item description, etc., are processed into the necessary purchase order information.

Attorneys use email parsers to arrange volumes of data in their emails and attached files. Searching for a phrase, such as “assets,” in their emails or email attachments allows the email parser to extract and insert all data following the word “assets” into a Google Spreadsheet.

You may have been interacting with leads via email, and it’s time to transfer that list to a different platform. Instead of painstakingly copying and pasting email addresses, just label leads in your inbox and export them to Google Sheets. With an Email List Builder, you can accomplish this quickly.

How to Export Your Emails to Sheets

Unless you use a program like cloudHQ’s Export Emails to Google Sheets, there is no automatic method to do it within your email service. This productivity tool enables you to:

  • Extract Gmail labels in real-time
  • Extract specific information from emails
  • Extract data from Etsy or Shopify sales data
  • Export emails to PDFs and save them in Google Drive
  • Export emails for Discovery
  • Export Zoom recordings
  • Export lead information in emails
  • Extract notifications for jobs
  • Export particular contacts from email inboxes or labels
  • Use pre-organized email sorting with orders, receipts, and purchases.

Install the extension, choose a label to export, and then click: Save label to Google Sheets. Next, you will have choices for which material to export to Google Sheets columns, and a handy editor will assist you in parsing and organizing information from individual emails. After formatting it, you can initiate the export. You can visit our support page for more details.

Don’t Make Productivity Wait

More productive and efficient work done before time never hurt anyone. You could be an employee, business owner, teacher, or student. CloudHQ helps you become more productive while doing less work. Download Export Email To Sheets now! Check out our email parser and other productivity apps for commercial and non-commercial use with free downloads and trials.

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