Everything You Need To Know About Bandsaws; Is It Worth It To Get One?

Whether you’re in to woodwork or industrial or automotive companies and manufacturers, you will be familiar with the term “bandsaws”. If you are not, here is a whole guide about bandsaws that will tell you everything you need to know about bandsaws.  To know whether they’re worth your money, you need to know the functions, uses, types and benefits of bandsaws.

What Are Bandsaws?

Typically, bandsaw is a power saw that uses two large sized toothed steel blades that are stretched across two or more wheels. It is a strong device that works when the band passes through the surface of the worktop, allowing it to pierce through strong materials and metals.

Bandsaw are very versatile tools and can cut any material you can think of. From metals and Wood to meat, band saws cut it all. It is an essential tool if you’re working in a business that requires a lot of cutting of hard materials. Bandsaws offer highly uniform and even cutting of materials. Moreover, bandsaw is very easy to use. If you want to buy one, you can find bandsaws for sale in Australia from Asset Plant.

In older generations, workers had to manually work hard to cut through hard materials such as metals and woods. Thanks to technology now, advancement has gifted us with the grand cious present of bandsaws that have eased this task greatly.

What Are The Types Of Bandsaws?

For different purposes, there are several types of bandsaws. Some main types of bandsaws are:

·         Horizontal bandsaw.

Used to cut materials in a horizontal shape. This type of bandsaw is very accurate with it’s cutting, has excellent operation and outstanding straight line cutting precision.

·         Vertical bandsaw.

Used to cut materials vertically, these are quite different than horizontal bandsaws. They cut vertical and curved, simple or intricate designs easily. This is why you will see vertical bandsaws more frequently than horizontal ones.

·         Portable bandsaw.

These handheld bandsaws are designed for portable and day to day sawing operations.  Don’t let their lightweight mistake you for thinking that they are not as efficient as vertical bandsaws. These bandsaw are ideal for too large or too small materials.

·         Benchtop bandsaw.

These are the most popular type of bandsaws you will see in industries and manufacturing warehouses. They have a very powerful cutting edge performance that pierces right through materials with ease.

·         Metal bandsaw.

Metal bandsaws have a great number of teeth because they are designed especially for metal surfaces. These strong bandsaws have cooling and lubricating mechanisms. This helps prevent the blade from over heating.

Is It Worth It To Get One For My Business?

If you spend a little too much time and effort in just cutting materials, which is just a tiny step of a greater business, you definitely need a bandsaw. Their ease of access, portability of some types of bandsaw, versatility, easy operation, and variety of settings is what makes it worth buying.

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