Enhanced Processors and Hardware Capabilities in Smartphones are Exciting Times for App Developers

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The holiday period around the world is a boon for businesses worldwide. From tech companies to retail stores and shopping malls, virtually every place is packed with customers looking to buy new goods and services. That’s why businesses and companies launch their new products or models during October-December.

Google also launched its Pixel phones in October since launching it over eight years ago. Now it produces its line of different gadgets including Chromebook Pixel. Within a week, Google will launch Pixel 6 and 6 Pro on October 19 and these are some of the most eagerly anticipated phones. Along with Samsung and Apple’s iPhone, Pixel is amongst the top brands in the market.

Have you ever noticed why people go for a new model every year even though their current phone is working fine? There are certain changes in the hardware and software, most notably a new Android version that comes with the Pixel phone, but is it worth the price tag?

Let me define this aspect in detail and discuss other related topics too.

Why Do People Go for a New Model of Smartphone Every Year?

There are some factors like advanced hardware capabilities, a bigger camera with more megapixels, and screen size/resolution that attract people very much. The die-hard fans of any brand go for the new model as soon as it is available in the market. Just like the fan following we once witnessed for Sony PlayStation and other gadgets for video games, now the same is the case for new smartphones and related gadgets. But what are the reasons that these smartphones get such a huge reception?

Exceptional marketing is certainly one reason as companies spend billions of dollars on crafting innovative ads and feature them in a marketing campaign that runs throughout the world. But if this can be the only criteria, then virtually every product must work because every company leaves no stone unturned in making it a success. So, surely there are some other aspects too net businesses must keep in mind to make their product a resounding success. And software, in this case, smart app ideas is one of them.

The Use of Different Apps 

The use of mobile apps can be enhanced through hardware capabilities that are augmented. For example, the use of a new processor or something that can enhance the gaming facility is eagerly awaited by the target audience of any new phone. The Pixel brand is not really about gaming but rather relates to exceptional videos and images. That is one reason why it is regarded as one of the finest phones in its category along with the iPhone.

Performance is Enhanced or It is Just a Gimmick?

As far as the performance of the new versions of the Android operating system is concerned, the answer is positive. Many new and enhanced features are introduced with each new version and that makes it a case for people to get the new version. But what about the new hardware capabilities and is the performance of a new phone related to hardware justified? Some industry pandits use to term it as a marketing gimmick rather than anything else.

Read on as I discuss more insights about how and why this has become a topic for a hot debate off late.

The segment of the market that is in favor of a new model of smartphones every year is of the view that there are new features offered by the company. For example, in the upcoming Google 6 and 6 Pro, we are anticipating a 50-megapixel main camera and 12 MP ultra-wide camera. Now this feature may not attract every person but for the video shooting and selfie-capturing enthusiasts, this can be another reason to go for the phone.

A Boon for App Developers 

App developers eagerly await new processors and capabilities by smartphones so that they can develop new apps. While most of the current apps run on smartphones that are even 5 to 6 years old and have much less capacity as far as processing is concerned. But new hardware offers more capability for an app to work not above the ordinary and use the new processor to the optimum. While this is nice and certainly not many smartphone users would be able to use that particular app. Still, this is something that can bear fruits for the developer in the future.

For example, a mobile app development company looking for a newly enhanced app related to artificial intelligence must be looking for Snapdragon 888 + may turn out to be or even the 898 variant which is still rumored. The reason for their interest is that they look forward to the future so that they can become the pioneer in offering new and enhanced features to an app that is still not available. Through this, they can get a huge first-mover advantage and then carry on with their new and innovative app.

Further New Advancements 

App developers need to be wary of different other factors. As the aspect I have mentioned related to the latest processor is just one of them. RAM and internal memory are just two of the other factors that can make an app run smoother on a smartphone for any handheld device. When it comes to a Smartwatch, the game changes completely as the need for the processor is minimized in this case. But the development company takes this as a negative aspect but something to experiment with more so that they can create new innovative apps on all the devices available in the market.

Businesses looking to get the attention of their target audience also require exceptional app development from the best in the business. And that is where the expertise of developers who are thinking ahead of the game offers their services. The sky’s the limit nowadays as far as app development and the hardware and software features are concerned. And Smartphones and other devices. In the future, it will be very interesting to see how this battle unfolds and what app developers and Smartphone manufacturers can offer to their target market.

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