Engagement rate of Instagram accounts with over 1,000 followers

Engagement on Instagram is vitally important it’s a crucial measure for marketers. It can help you understand the extent to which your followers care for your business. However, if you’re certain how to evaluate yours or how you can make it higher, you’re not all alone! A lot of people struggle to understand the Instagram level of engagement.

We’ve done an exhaustive study of more than 1,000 Instagram followers from 22 distinct sectors. Here’s the information we gathered and outlined what we could draw from this. Whatever industry you’re in, there’s some useful information as you try to improve the quality of your Instagram engagement.

TR Adel and Hospitality

In each industry, we’ve looked at an average rate of engagement with respect to the amount of hashtags in each post as well as the average use of hashtags for that particular category, as well as other crucial indicators. We’ve also pulled the account in each category that has the highest individual engagement rates and performed an in-depth look at the account’s number of Instagram followers have it has, its proportion  posts with hashtags, and other pertinent details.

Marketing and advertising

A typical engagement percentage for the category of marketing and advertising is 2.04 percent. The most popular account in the group has an average engagement of 3.84 percent and has followers of 20,390 as well as 35 post. The account employs 14 hashtags in each post, which is the most amount of hashtags used in the category. Based on this information we can conclude that if you’re involved in the marketing and advertising business the use of more hashtags will boost your engagement up. If your budget isn’t good enough to proceed on, you can buy Instagram followers then to increase real Instagram followers.

Arts and Entertainment

The engagement rate average in the category of entertainment and arts is 2.85 percent. The most popular account for entertainment and arts has a more engaged engagement rate, at 20.08 percent. This account boasts 16,138 Instagram followers, and utilized one hashtag in just one post of its total post (39 postings). With the high engagement rate, you might believe that this account is more popular than other, but this isn’t the case. The largest account in the group actually counts 771,303 users. The profile has an average engagement of 1.96 percent, and uses 11 hashtags per post, with .98 percent of posts using hashtags.


The average engagement rate for the auto sector is 2.88 percent. The top auto account from the study had an engagement percentage of 13.17 percent. The account employs .33 hashtags for each post, and tags 6.28 percentage of its posts as of the date we conducted our study it had 17,172 followers and 207 postings. In addition, it has the highest proportion of posts that contain mentions (.88 percent) this is an aspect could help increase improve your engagement. Join forces on auto-related accounts with others to boost the brand’s visibility and engagement.


The average engagement rate for the category of blogging is 2.57 percent. The most popular accounts has an average engagement of 12.07 percent. This account generally employs 25.5 hashtags in each posting, and includes hashtags in 84.91 percent of posts in addition in terms of Instagram fans, followers and comments, it is fairly average when compared to other accounts in the same category. It has 10392 followers and 53 posts. You can expect to see more Instagram engagement with more hashtags than using fewer. Tags like #ontheblog or #blog post are popular with people interested in reading long-form articles.

Business (Non-Specific)

The average engagement rate for the general business sector is 2.39 percent. The highest-rated accounts in the category have an average engagement of 9.75 percent. It uses .57 hashtags for each post which is 42.86 percent of its posts containing hashtags. This account has a median quantity of fans (12,925) and likes and comments when compared with other accounts in this category let us conclude that if you utilize hashtags in the majority of your posts, you will likely get more engagement.

Community Groups and Causes

A typical engagement percentage within the category of causes and groups that are community-based (for instance, local groups that advocate for a particular causes) is 2.23 percent. The most popular user in this group has an engagement percentage of 3.75 percent, adding hashtags to 51.94 percent of its posts and employing 1.67 hashtags for each post. It is interesting to note that this account ranks first in terms of engagement but not the overall size of the account the account with the second highest engagement within this group (3.15 percent) has the highest numbers of comments, followers, and likes.  Are you looking to get more Facebook Likes? You can buy them too. Just click here.


A typical engagement percentage for the category of education is 1.43 percent. The most popular account that falls in the category of education is an absolute top performer in terms of engagement rate and followers count, having a 2.06 percentage engagement rate, as well as 39,710 followers. This account incorporates hashtags into 76.92 percent of its posts and utilizes about 9.9 hashtags in each article. There are more than 195 posts posted on its page. It also has the second-highest amount of comments and likes. As with this account, you must ensure you use hashtags consistently to increase your followers as well as your Instagram engagement.

Health & Beauty

A typical engagement for posts in the category of beauty and health is 2.76 percent. The top account we reviewed had an engagement level of 9.05 percent. Using hashtags in 75% of posts. With 11.38 hashtags for each post. On average. This account is at middle of the pack in terms of follower’s likes, comments, and followers as it has 12,612 followers on 48 posts. If you’re a beauty or health company, you can try using multiple hashtags (10 or more) per post to gain greater Instagram engagement. It’s possible to use the Instagram search feature will help you locate long tail hashtags that are appropriate for your business.

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