Eight basic techniques of badminton

Eight basic techniques of badminton

If you want to improve your game, you need to practice these 8 basic techniques. Whether you play badminton for fun. You can always learn something new for better performance.

1. Badminton flu

Proper catch is the basis for badminton. Make sure you hold the rocket correctly for more power and accuracy. There are two main types of handles: forehand and backhand.

Use your hand on the end of the handle when the blow is on your body. And hold the handle as if you were holding your hand somewhere. Keep the crossbow perpendicular to the ground.

You should use a backhand rocket when the shock is on the back of the body. Press the handle in the same way as when tapping the front hand. Rotate the rocket counterclockwise so that your toe is to the left.

2. Badminton traces

Your opponent will try to grab the shuttle from you. So be ready to move. Trail quickly and accurately with good speed. You have to move like jumping, switching, sliding, accelerating, and jumping. It’s up to you how you use it during the game. The elbows are slightly bent and always ready to move. As a rule, stay in the middle of the court to quickly enter all corners of the court.

3. Have fun

You can also earn points for the right services. There are 4 types of court dimensions: high service, low service, and flick service. And serve a drive where you can select the right service after seeing the opponent. Off-field service High service is a good idea if you are playing with people who like to stay close to the net.

4. Holy

Badminton cleaning is the most common stroke. And can be played from the forehand or backhand as well as on the head or shoulders, sending the shuttle back to the court no matter how you use it to clear. Makes opponents retreat from the net to open the front pitch.

5. Drop shot

Drop shots are the opposite of the bright shots mentioned above. Because the goal is to fall behind the net and get closer to the yard in front of the opponent. This can open up space in the backcourt for your next game. This pose can be done on both the front and back of the hand. And often involves several movements of the wrist

6. Smash

Badminton kick is a powerful movement, you must try to master it. This is a downhill shot aimed at the front line or center of the opposing court. For faster hits you can jump and shoot according to the number of hits landed. Your opponent will have less time to respond. It almost guarantees that you will score. Do not use an extra hammer because it will make you tired. Use the hand in front of you when hitting.

7. Move

If the ball is too small to collide, you can use a disc instead. The shock moves horizontally. Instead of a curve at the top, the shuttle just slides over the edge of the grid. Move diagonally from the court or directly from your position. You try to keep the shuttle behind your opponent. This makes it harder for them to come back with a good shot.

8. Badminton Net Game

Network surfing is usually done only by moving the wrist. And in the absence of other methods, the goal is to gently push the shuttle grid, which is usually encountered when the opponent does not reach the grid in a timely manner. It is difficult to reverse the light shot near the net. Especially if you rotate the shuttle.

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