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D.U.I. or on the other hand Driving Under the Influence is one of the most predominant criminal accusations in Florida. A DUI allegation in Broward, Dade, or Palm Beach County conveys with it a colossal measure of cost, both sincerely and financially. DUI can be charged as either a misdeed (generally normal) or a crime relying on the specific realities and conditions of the capture.

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There are two “tracks” that you should focus on concerning your DUI accusation:

I. Permit/DMV

By and large, your DUI reference (ticket) is your permit for the initial TEN days from the date that you were charged. This is anything but a FULL permit and isn’t substantial on the off chance that you didn’t have a formerly legitimate driver’s permit. The ticket will permit you to drive for work, school, church/strict, specialist/clinical, or supermarket ONLY. It isn’t substantial for some other reason.

Driver’s License Suspension

At the point when you are accused of a DUI in Florida, your driver’s permit will be suspended by and large. This is an AUTOMATIC suspension that is forced by the State of Florida (DHSMV) and doesn’t has anything to do with the court framework. At the point when you are accused of DUI in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach (or some other area in Florida) and your breath liquor level is more noteworthy than the lawful furthest reaches of 0.08 g/210 L, and your permit will be suspended for a time of a half year from the date of capture.

This suspension time is totally SEPARATE from any permit suspension that the COURT might force. Assuming that you deny a breath, blood, or pee test, your driver’s permit will be suspended for ONE YEAR (first refusal) or EIGHTEEN MONTHS (if recently suspended for a refusal). You can likewise be accused of a different misdeed wrongdoing assuming that you decline breath, blood, or pee and have recently rejected any of those tests.


This is alluded to as a Formal Review Hearing. It is your main chance to challenge the underlying suspension of your driver’s permit. In the event that you don’t demand this conference inside ten days from the date that the reference was given, you will lose the chance to have a consultation to challenge the suspension.

Experience Matters

As a criminal safeguard legal counselor who has dealt with many DUI cases in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties for over fifteen years, I have gone to a few hundred of these hearings. Testing the underlying permit suspension is significant on the grounds that it gives a chance to have the suspension toppled and your full permit reestablished while your case is forthcoming in court. Also, when I record for the Formal Review Hearing to challenge the permit suspension, I will get a driving license which will permit you to drive for around six weeks after your ten days driving on the DUI reference closes.

Having your driver’s permit suspension upset via an effective Formal Review Hearing will empower you to have your full driving honors reestablished while your case is forthcoming in court. Keep in mind, this makes little difference to your legal dispute. On the off chance that your driver’s permit suspension isn’t upset, you will have either a multi day duration (for a breath or blood more prominent than 0.08 g/210L) or a multi day term (assuming you denied a breath, blood, or pee trial) of HARD TIME. This is a term that alludes to a timeframe where NO DRIVING WHATSOEVER is allowed. After this time of “tough time” you might be qualified to get a difficulty driver’s permit while your DUI case is forthcoming in court. A criminal protection lawyer can help you in getting this difficulty permit by clarifying the methodology in question.

It is vital to hold a criminal guard lawyer who has had broad involvement in DUI cases to furnish yourself with the best an open door to reestablish your driving honors while your DUI case is forthcoming in court. As I expressed previously, I have over 24 years’ experience taking care of DUI cases in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.


The second “track” for a DUI case includes the court framework. After the cycle in regards to your driver’s permit has started, your case will be given a case number and will be doled out to an adjudicator either at the County (wrongdoing) or Circuit (crime) level.

The principal court hearing that your case will be booked for is called an arraignment. In a criminal case, an arraignment is a setting during which a respondent, now and again through their lawyer, will enter a request of either GUILTY, NOT GUILTY, or NO CONTEST. In a DUI case, I will document a composed request of not blameworthy, request a preliminary by jury, request disclosure (this is all the data that the State will use to arraign your case, including police reports, tape proof, and other proof).

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