Do your drains need cleaning?

If you are a homeowner, you are well aware of how much importance proper drain functionality holds for the smooth operation of your home. Without a second thought from you, whenever you turn on a faucet or flush down your toilet, run the washing machine, or do any other activity, your drainage system is required to remove all the wastewater quickly. But just like any area of your home can fall into disrepair, your drainage system can sometimes fall into disrepair. You should immediately reach out to a professional plumber such as plumber Ventura without any further delay whenever such a condition arises. In this article, we will discuss how to detect whether your drainage system requires cleaning or not and some of the tips on how to clean it effectively for its smooth running.

How can we know whether our drainage system requires cleaning or not?

  1. Slow drainage- the failure to remove wastewater by your drainage system is one of the most obvious signs that your drains need a deep and thorough cleaning. Slow drainage doesn’t form huge inconveniency, but they form a major sign for the obstructions in your sewage pipelines.
  2. The smell coming out of your sewage- another unpleasant yet noticeable sign that your drainage system requires cleaning is the smell coming out of your sewage system. When your drains become clogged, all the required waste materials and water will eventually pour down your sink, which will build up and fester your lines. Thus, if you ever notice the smell coming out of your home’s sewage, you should immediately contact plumber Ventura and seek professional help for your drains.
  3.  Strange sounds coming out of your drain system- always be conscious and watch your drainage system. If ever you happen to listen to unusual sounds coming out of your drains, then officially, it is time to deep clean your drain pipes. When your drainage is blocked, the water may come out of small spaces or may even change its course. This condition is often accompanied by bubbling and gurgling sounds.
  4. The water gets backed up. You may notice in various parts of your home that the water is getting backed up, such as standing water in sinks, showers, and maybe more or gurgling in the toilets whenever you try to flush it. Thus whenever you notice this water backing up through your drainage system, consider it a sign of your drains requiring cleaning.

What are some tips for effectively cleaning your drainage and sewage systems?

  1. Get rid of that grease- most of the time, apart from hair, debris, or any other pieces of solid matter, the grease can also be one of the common culprits for the blockage of your drainage system. The grease as a culprit can most commonly be found in the blockage of your kitchen sinks as they are often on the same drainage lines as that of your laundry rooms. To prevent the accumulation and blockage of grease, using a homemade drain cleaner can do wonders for your drain and sewage systems.
  2. Usage of non-toxic drain cleaning agents- for many clogs, non-toxic drain cleaners can be a perfect solution. You can try out table salt mixed with vinegar and borax or lemon juice mixed with baking soda as non-toxic drainage cleaners. 
  3. Use your plunger for cleaning drainage pipelines- by using your plunger, and you can easily force out the substances causing blockage of your tub or sinks. While getting used to your plunger on your drainage and sewage systems, be careful and do not put excessive force upon your drainage pipes in case they are clogged as they might get broken too.

In case of emergency, call your plumber- there are times when the damage to your drains is bigger than you thought. In such cases, instead of relying upon quick fixes and trying out DIYS, it is always recommended to seek out professional help from plumber Ventura. 


Drainage and sewage systems form one of the essential parts of your home. Any dysfunctionality in them can turn havoc, causing severe problems for you and your family. Therefore, it is always essential to check on your drainage system functions requiring cleaning and repairing and always try to seek out professional help from plumber Ventura in case of emergency.

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