Discourse is a Necessity for Humanity Nowadays

Ever since human beings were born on earth, they began to search for new ways to communicate with each other in order to fulfill their desires and interact better with their surroundings. A person always needs to communicate during all stages of life. Hence the talk, and therefore the dialogue, to achieve these goals. Today, people interact in small groups face to face, or within large groups through social networking sites, media, and blogs such as The Doe.

Discourse is the most important thing that distinguishes a person from other creatures. It helps to bring people together and spreads love between them, leading to the development of good societies. Discourse allows people to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. Individuals exchange ideas and information, evaluate and reshape them, which affects our world positively.

Discourse helps to exchange cultures and experiences between people.

Besides, justice cannot be achieved in the absence of dialogue between people concerned with a common issue or problem. Because the truth will be incomplete or distorted.

Discourse opens the minds to the different paths that lead to the truth. The path to truth is not one, but there are several ways, and if people confine themselves to their thoughts, they will deprive themselves of other ways that lead to the truth, because discourse with others leads to the exchange of knowledge and ideas. With the exchange of ideas and dialogue, the gap between the two different parties decreases, and this may even develop into adopting the ideas of the other dissenting and using them as new evidence for new ideas. It contributes to deepening the individual’s thoughts and perceptions. This can be only done by identifying new, contradictory ideas, and identifying what the other possesses instead of stagnation and reliance on what exists.

The breakdown of the social fabric is what afflicts the social system in terms of shortcomings or defects in its performance of its basic functions, which are achieving continuity and stability.

One of its causes is intolerance, which is a state of exaggerated adherence to a certain idea, in which the person sees himself as right and makes fun of the ideas and opinions of others. Corruption is a disease that divides society into two parts. A section opposes this act because it negatively affects society, and another section encourages it because it benefits from it. This division generates a serious conflict that may lead to the weakening of the state. Not finding social justice leads to the marginalization of important groups in society, which threatens political and social stability. The failure to divide wealth generates real crises that negatively affect society. The absence of the political project of the parties and the strengthening of affiliation on an ideological basis rather than based on electoral programs, and thus society is divided against itself rather than united.

Since the initial phase of the COVID-19 outbreak, during 2020, the social dialogue has played a great role in shaping national policy responses during the pandemic, worldwide. This is a great example of the importance of discourse.

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