Different Ways To Package A Gift For Your LoThe ved Ones


We all love receiving gifts, no matter how small. The feeling of surprise and happiness keeps us excited and leaves us longing for more. However, the entire process of thinking of a gift, buying or making it and wrapping it up can also be very exciting. 

Self-wrapped gifts are a very good idea, especially for someone close to you. Such gifts come out even more beautiful and personalised than if they had been wrapped in store-bought paper. In the article below, let’s discuss a few creative ways of wrapping your gift.

Gift Boxes

If you have a collection of gifts, printed takeaway boxes are a good idea. These are neat boxes which can be opened to reveal a box where you could store the gifts. You can make a visit to gift boxes wholesale suppliers and get it done correctly for you. 

Washi Tape

Plain paper and washi tape can be a striking combination when used as gift wrapping. After applying the white paper, cut out the washi tape into the desired shapes or just put it on strips at random to provide a fun punch of design.

Custom Colours

This 4chic solution allows you to quickly and cheaply turn rolls of inexpensive packing paper into lovely gift wraps. In a well-ventilated space, spread out sheets you want to paint any colour. A beautiful sheen can be achieved by adding a metallic paint spray or changing the coats to produce an ombré effect.

Use A Map

Old maps or atlases are simple to get at yard sales and secondhand shops, and their roomy size makes them perfect for gift-wrapping. After you’ve wrapped your parcel, add some fluffy yarn, a pipe cleaner bow, or a feather to top it off, and it’s prepared to journey to its next location.

Silk As A Packing Material

When you start with a double-sided material that offers a contrasting color or pattern to amp up the beautiful effect, fabric or silk squares make for lovely reusable wrapping paper. To complete the decorative display, position the package in the square’s centre, tie the string’s opposite ends together in a knot, and then tuck the knot tails beneath. Silk can also be used to package a gift made of glass. Again, you can do it yourself or go to the nearest wholesale glass packaging experts to get the perfect packaging. 

Drop Cloth

For a gift that requires a festive finishing touch, a fabric drop cloth from the paint supply section of the neighborhood store can offer an unexpected option, especially for a large or irregularly shaped gift. For a holiday gift that goes the extra mile, cut the cloth to size, stitch the pieces together, and then decorate with paint and stencils.

Pyramid Boxes

When delivered in one of these clever boxes, each constructed using just one piece of card stock and some ribbon, good things come in little packages. Print the template on a piece of cardstock, and then cut out the form. Punch a couple more holes, fold along the lines, and tie at the top for a finishing flourish.

Mason Jars

Mason Jars are marvels with countless applications and are brilliant gift-giving containers. You may stuff them with anything that will fit, including cookies, cocoa mixes, sewing tools, and more. Finish it by wrapping a circle of cherry fabric around the lid and fastening it with a rubber band or ribbon.


Brown kraft paper or simple gift wrap may be quickly transformed into lovely and unique packaging with the help of a stamp and an ink pad. Use a lino cutting tool to carve a shape into an eraser to create a low-cost personalised stamp.

Use Photographs

You can turn your favourite Instagram photos into wrapping paper, something as entertaining to create as it is to look at. To print your photographs home, tile them in a photo-editing tool. (Take them to a copy shop if you need larger paper.) Remove any white edges for a tidy appearance.

Bows And Gift Tags

Crepe paper in a bold colour should be cut into a rectangle. To hold the centre in place, fold it in thirds, tighten it at the centre, and glue it on a strip of contrasting paper. Additionally, many gorgeous gift tags and eye-dotted paper may be printed at home. Use glossy picture paper for the tags and card stock for the present wrapping if you want the best-looking results.


As mentioned above, a gift is something very variable to the receiver. A gift can be wrapped in many ways, making the process much more fun and exciting. If you put in the right efforts, your gift and its packaging will be beautiful and highly appreciated by your loved ones.

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