Different Types of Chains

When it comes to chains, there are so many different types to choose from and it can become difficult to work out the difference between them. Here at T. H. Baker we have a huge selection of chains to choose from for both men and women and hopefully this article will help you decide on which style of chain is right for you.

The different types of chains consist of mariner, ball, curb, cable, rope, box, Figaro, snake, wheat, herringbone, Singapore, Rollo, omega, byzantine, san Marco, Gucci and diamond cut chains. Not surprised it can be difficult to know which the right one for you is.

Here are some of the most popular types of chains:

Ball Chain

Also known as a bead chain, the ball is created of beads that are joined together to make a chain. The ball chain is most commonly recognised with dog tags attached to them. However due to the type of chain they are known to not be as strong as other types.

Cable Chain

The cable chain has to be the most popular choice of chain on the market, most commonly used for necklaces. This type of chain is durable when the links are welded individually, if they are not then the chain is likely to pull apart easily.

Rollo Chain

A Rollo chain consists of a series of round links that interlock. Similar to a cable chain, however these links are round and symmetrical. The smaller version of this chain tends to be more popular with women and the larger version of this chain is popular amongst men.

Curb Chain

A classic and timeless design of chain, the curb chain is made from links of the same size being connected together. The links are normally oval or round shaped and they lie flat on the skin. They have a heavy and chunky look to them making them more popular amongst men.

Figaro Chain

Originating from Italy, the Figaro chain is again another choice that is incredibly popular across the world. The chain is similar to that of a cable chain; however the link design is slightly different. The link pattern is altered, consisting of two or three round links and then followed by an oval link. This type of chain is a favourite for both men and women.

Snake Chain

Most commonly known for its association with a popular charm bracelet, the snake chain has become an increasingly popular choice for necklaces and bracelets. With a smooth looking design, it provides the perfect backdrop for stunning gemstones and beautiful pendants. Comfortable to wear and no chance on tangling, this style of chain is super easy to care for making it a go to choice amongst many brands and consumers.

Here at T. H. Baker we have a fantastic selection of chains for both men and women, whether you’re after a bracelet or a necklace to hold your favourite pendant. We have it all right here at T. H. Baker. Shop our selection of chains online or in store now.

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