Different Types of Car Window Tint Maryland

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When it comes to the protection of a car window, tint is the most beneficial and obvious solution. Car window tint Maryland not only protects your car from harmful ultraviolet rays but also helps reduce glare.

It also adds style and attractiveness to your car, which is a plus point when you need to sell your car.

There are several options for car window films to choose from. All choices come with varied price ranges, and each option comes with its own benefits and drawbacks that you must keep in mind while making a choice.

Of course, we all want to make a better choice that will fit our requirements and be worth the money. So, we have a breakdown of a list of different types of tints used for car windows for your convenience.

Dyed window tints:

This type of window tint is made with multiple layers of dyed films. Dyed tints are able to absorb sunlight as it has the ability to penetrate the windows; therefore, it would be beneficial for you to get utmost protection from the sun.

In addition, this option of window filming is the most affordable option.

Just like the benefits, this tinting option also has a drawback. It is not able to provide UV protection as other tint options can provide.

It has a limitation to protect from sun rays as they can block the sunlight to some extent only.


Just like the name suggests, this type of window film is made with metal microparticles. And unlike dyed tints that absorb sunlight, metallised tints have the ability to reflect the sun’s rays and heat.

Plus, this tint is extremely scratch-resistant. And the best thing about these tints is that it adds more strength to your windows, so in case of an accident, your car window will not shatter.

And if we talk about its appearance, this tint gives a shiny look to the window.

The only drawback of this tint is that the microparticles of the metal have the ability to interfere with the GPS or radio signals. Although it is not a major drawback, still it should be considered.


It is the combo of both tints mentioned above. It is made with a thin layer of titanium metal which is basically sandwiched between multiple layers of dyed tints.

This type of tint is mainly designed to reduce the negative factors of metalised and dyed tints. Therefore, it does not possess a mirror-like appearance and has less ability to interfere with the radio signals.

Its negative point is that it is quite expensive than other options, but it is more durable than dyed and metallised tints.

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This tint is another type of window film which is made with carbon fibre particles. It does not fade with time, which is more effective and beneficial than metallic and dyed films. Carbon tints can block the sun rays more effectively.

So these are the four most common types of car window tint Maryland that has their features, benefits, and drawbacks so that you can choose accordingly. 

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