Different Styles of Kayaking: Find the Best Kayak for You

Are you the type of person having a gush of adrenaline flowing through your blood, pushing you to unleash limitless adventure? If yes, surfing in an open sea adventure is perhaps an ideal arena for you to stay fit, energetic and young. However, this is not everybody’s cup of tea! The feeling when the kayak hits the fast-moving water and the wind gushes into your lungs is something that only water sports lovers enjoy. Got enticed? Wait! Whether you plan kayaking for leisure in your local lake or heading for a sea to enjoy the high-energy rushing waters, it is crucial to have the appropriate tools and equipment before you begin your activity. 

Kayaking is a thrilling water sports activity in which you move through the water in a small, narrow watercraft, which is propelled with the help of a double-bladed paddle. And there are four major kayaking styles categorised based on the water conditions, obstacles and experience you have. So, continue reading and understand the different kayaking styles!

Recreational Kayaking

It is a type of kayaking done on local lakes or slow rivers, and it is highly recommended for beginners or first-timers. As such, canoes used for recreational kayaking are wide enough, 9-12 feet long and very stable compared to their counterparts.

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is done with a type of watercraft that is longer and narrower than the one used for recreational kayaking. Often they are 14-18 feet long, and they are designed to handle the faster and stronger waves found in oceans and seas. Plus are ideal for covering large distances with ease.

Surf Kayaking

As the name suggests, it is like going surfing in a kayak instead of a regular surfboard. And surf skis are around 12 feet long, 16-20 inches wide and are very specifically built to allow the paddler to combine the exhilaration of kayaking with surfing. 

Whitewater Kayaking

This is what is considered an extreme version of water sports. Whitewater kayaking is done in rivers with fast, furious waves and whitewater. And for this kind of experience, you need shorter and wider canoes that are just 4-10 feet in length. 

How to Find the Right Canoe for You?

Hopefully, you have understood the various popular styles of kayaking and types of canoe used in one. But surprisingly, apart from the above-mentioned types of kayaks, there are many more styles like sit-in and sit-on, crossover, inflatable, day-touring, folding, fishing, and tandem canoe. So how would you find the right type of watercraft for yourself? 

Having a plethora of options to choose from, you are sure to get overwhelmed, especially if you are new to kayaking. Therefore, to help you find the one that best matches up with your preferred type of activity, here are the tips and tricks of choosing the right canoe:

If you are going to spend a lot of time on the water, touring, a sea kayak is the most suitable option. It is designed to offer the users long-term comfort and additional storage space for carrying supplies. However, if you want to rush into the whitewater, go for a whitewater playboat. Further, there are fishing kayaks meant for you if you want to go fishing or spend a few quiet hours in a lake, and they come with a foot paddle keeping your hands free for catching the fish. Lastly, always go for the best-suited canoe to create an unforgettable experience that gives you a great time on the water.

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