Differences Between NBA 2K22 Next-Gen Versions (PS5 & Xbox Series X)

Differences Between NBA 2K22 Next-Gen Versions (PS5 & Xbox Series X)

NBA 2K22 is going to offer very, very different experiences on the next gen, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions, as opposed to the PS4, One, computer and Nintendo Switch versions. Exploring a city… or a ship?


2K Games and Visual Concepts reveal the first playable details of NBA 2K22, the new installment of the current year that will come out for each and every one of the platforms. While the first trailer isn’t coming until August, they’ve already revealed one of the essential differences between the 2 versions: PS5 and Xbox Series X/S; and PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


NBA 2K22 will have a huge community where players will be able to interact in different activities, explore an attractive location full of NPCs and face other players. On PS5 and Series, it’s going to be a City, while on the rest of the “old-gen” platforms it’s going to be a Neighborhood… but aboard a sumptuous cruise ship.


Next gen players will be able to explore the city with multiple ways to achieve experience, participate in online matches with other players directly from the city, and progress with the perfect narrative mode My Career, which will be integrated into the city.


You can, to use an example, open other businesses outside of basketball, such as fashion or hip hop, to increase your profits. The My Career mode on old-gen consoles is going to be more traditional.


PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and computer players, however, will be able to enjoy life aboard the cruise ship, while browsing many locations in each and every Season, and it will also be full of events and things to do.


Although the experience will be different in the 2 generations, the progress in MyTeam will be able to be sustained between the intergenerational versions (PS4 with PS5, One with Series) and you will still need NBA 2K22 MyTeam Points for getting players and packs. Remember, of course, that the standard versions of the game will not have free intergenerational update.


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NBA 2K22 is going to come out on September ten on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, computer, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, and the PC version runs out of next gen improvements for this reason. If you want to prepare some cheap NBA 2K MT, welcome to AOEAH.COM

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