Crafty Ways to Document Your Child’s Milestones

Documenting your child’s growth is one of the most interesting things you can do. This will remind the child in the future how far they have come. You need to be creative at how you go about it as it can’t be the same old ideas your parents used to document you – if they did. 

Here are some crafty ways you can do it on this day. 

Take A Photo Every Day to Create a Time-Lapse Video

Nothing captures the magic of childhood like a time-lapse video. The idea is to snap a photo of your child every day for a year, then compile all the images in chronological order to create a video that shows your baby’s growth and progress. Here are a few tips to help you. Use an app that allows you to label each photo with the date. There are many apps out there—some free, some cheap—that allow you to take photos and add text labels like this one. This will make putting together your final video much easier. Shoot at the same angle and time of day whenever possible. If you can, shoot from the same angle and at approximately the same time every day; getting into a routine will help ensure consistently high-quality photos. 

Give The Milestones a Permanent Home in Your Photo Album

When your child is small, it’s hard to remember how quickly they grow and develop. The milestones will come so fast that you may not have time to process them. The best way to remember the joy they brought to you is by having a physical record of those precious times. In-order photo albums are a great way of storing your photos and making them easily accessible. Get an album that has a plastic cover over each page from CMC Gold. This will help protect your photos from dirt, dust, and moisture damage. 

Keep A Journal to Note Down the Funny Things Your Child Says

Recording your child’s “firsts” is the easy part. We all know to grab a camera for their first steps, or at least take notice of when that happened, but documenting the funny things your child says can be just as fun. A journal is a good place to keep track of these little milestones and also makes it easier to remember when they occurred. Get started by writing down what you can remember today and follow up with an entry every week. 

Get Creative with A Photo Shoot Celebrating Their Age

Nothing is more adorable than seeing your little one’s growth in a year or two. You can do this by having them pose with their age as a prop. Have them wear an outfit that matches their age, have a cake with their age on it, have them stand next to an object that represents their age, or have them stand next to a sign with the number and use it for the background. This will become your family’s fondest memory of remembering how tiny they once were. 

Recording Your Child’s Memories

There are a lot more ways you can use to document your child’s milestones, but these are the crafty ones. The children will appreciate you when they see how far they’ve grown when they are older. 

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