Core BQE vs How to Make the Right Choice?

Today’s market has such a large number of business management software solutions available that it can be overwhelming for users. They need help finding the best option and for that a comprehensive comparison is necessary. This article pits BQE core vs in terms of their features, pricing plans, and ease of use. Experts have outlined the best features for each platform and borrowed opinions from reviews from real users to come up with an accurate representation of them.  

Core BQE 

Core BQE is a powerful project management platform with a wide range of time tracking and expense tracking options. It can be used for billing, accounting, and task assignment which makes it an all-in-one solution. The software was specifically designed for professional service providers and it automates repetitive tasks to increase productivity. The streamlined collaboration options, centralized information database, and insightful reports can help any organization improve its operations.  

Highlighted Features 


Users can write checks, and balance accounts, create balance sheets, and connect their bank transactions for reconciliation through the accounting module. The difference between Core BQE vs is that Core combines all the necessary features and provides users the ability to create income statements, expense sheets, credit card accounts, and record journal entries. Users can also print profit and loss reports, as well as liability statements. The software has an endless list of customizable accounting templates too. 

Mobile Version 

Core has a free and completely functional native mobile application available for Android and Apple devices. It has features for time tracking, expense management, client handling, and task monitoring. Users can also share accurate invoices from their mobile phones.  

Billing and Payments 

The flexible billing functions include automatic billing, progress billing, and invoice generation in manual or batch mode. The finance department can use it to create retainer, recurring, and percent completion invoices. There are fixed invoice options with hourly or weekly rules implemented for users. 


The Core BQE dashboard is customizable and used to monitor KPIs or other metrics. Core BQE which is a project tracking software brings all the time tracking, client monitoring, employee performance, gross margins, earned value, and effective pay rate available in detailed expense breakdowns.  

Project Management 

When discussing Core BQE vs it is important to talk about project management. Core has comprehensive project management options with multi-level workflows. The submission and approval can now be streamlined with the forecasting and time tracking options. 

Time Tracking 

Core BQE has an intuitive time tracking solution with multiple formats for timecards. Users can choose between straightforward or complex options to track time, compensation, and vacation days for all employees. Each record entry can contain unlimited notes which makes it comparable to a comprehensive report.  

Core BQE Pricing 

The Core BQE pricing plan starts at $29 per user per month and it includes time and expense management features. Users can also order a free trial but there is no free version available. provides users a platform to plan, organize, and track all their interactions in one place. Users can create a custom workflow so that all the teams can get whatever they need on a single platform. The software is known for its dashboards that provide insights into all project activities and help track the work progress. There are multiple views available such as calendar, chart, Kanban, map, files, and timeline. 

Time Tracking 

When comparing Core BQE vs, it is important to note that Monday com is one of the few software that has built-in timesheets and time tracking functions. Unlike other tools that treat it as an afterthought, includes the feature in its advanced pricing plans. The time tracking and project management tools work well together and provide deeper insights into all tasks.  

Software Integration can integrate with multiple business tools and applications with ready-to-use capabilities. The project management process is facilitated by synchronizing the platform with other systems because then the users do not have to switch back and forth between platforms. 

Project Templates 

It is very easy to set up workflows with Monday software because the project management system includes multiple templates. Users do not have to start from scratch and can use the customizable forms to save time. There are dozens of options for project portfolio tracking, campaign planning, and team task management. 

Task Automation 

The biggest reason any business invests in project management software is for the automation features. They can increase functionality and cut down on the manual workload with robust automation options. When comparing Core BQE vs, has better custom automation options that can be programmed with a few clicks. Users can quickly from one task to another when they have automated most processes. 

Ease of Use 

Project management software is supposed to make the user’s life easier instead of adding more stress to it. does not have the most user-friendly interface but beginners can learn it in less than an hour. There is no professional training necessary to help with the onboarding process either. 

Reporting and Analytics 

All decision-makers heavily rely on data to make important decisions and manage the workload. Monday software has a wide range of features for reporting and analytics. The wide range of features was designed to help teams balance the workload with customizable reports. The dashboard also summarizes all the data making it easy to glance at. Pricing Plan follows a unique pricing plan and the total cost depends on the number of users as well as the subscription level. The basic plan begins at $24 per month for every user with annual billing. It is suitable for teams of at least three people and users can avail of monthly billing at a higher rate.  


The bottom line for the entire Core BQE vs debate is that both software serves their own purpose. While Core BQE is more oriented toward accounting and finance, has cross-functional capabilities. Teams should make their decision based on the level of customization and integration they need. 

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