Complete Your Hair Care Plans With A Toxin-Free Scalp Shampoo

Whether it is a short, snappy cut, or wonderful long, flowing locks, you undoubtedly want your hair and scalp to remain healthy. However, if you fail to follow a proper hair care routine, you might have frizzy or dry hair in less than a month. And this is where shampoos enter the picture.

Washing your hair with a shampoo at least once every three days can result in excellent hair and scalp health. But ensure the products you choose do not contain harmful chemicals. Investing in a toxin-free scalp shampoo will be a valuable move. 

Why is it crucial to read the list of ingredients? 

You must have read the ingredients list to check the amount of sugar, fats, and carbohydrates percentage on food items. But what about the label on your shampoo bottle? Almost everyone prefers buying and using shampoos from one or two favorite brands. Yet, most users have no idea about the materials it contains.

If you are allergic to certain chemicals in the shampoo, you might experience itchiness on the scalp. Dryness, irritation, and sneezing are other signs of allergic reactions. So, reading the ingredients label is crucial. It is best to ensure the product does not contain harmful chemicals. Plus, it should not have fragrances that you are allergic to.

Hero ingredients vs. powerful chemicals

There are products laden with chemicals that can clean the scalp within minutes. So, why choose natural green tea products with ingredients like tea tree plant extract, ginger oil, and Vitamin E? Why go for slow results rather than fast-working antibiotics? For example, Mamaearth’s Tea Tree Shampoo for Dandruff-Free Hair has the vital benefits natural ingredients offer. Let’s look at five of them.

  1. Cleans the scalp gently  

If you fail to care for your hair and scalp properly, the surface becomes a den for debris. The claim sounds exaggerated. Well, it is logical. Due to poor hygiene, dead skin, pollutants, and chemicals accumulate on the scalp. 

Following a proper hair care routine and using shampoo consisting of tea tree oil can ensure dead skin and chemicals get washed away. So, there is no question of debris formation. 

  1. Helps with natural hair growth 

Dermatologists often find dry skin, dead skin buildup, and scaly as reasons that hinder hair growth. Mamaearth’s safe and gentle Tea tree oil shampoo offers antibacterial and antifungal benefits that help eliminate factors promoting dandruff. As a result, you can expect improved scalp and hair health. 

  1. Helps reduce unusual and excessive hair loss 

Unusual hair loss and thinning are often linked to damage triggered by free radicals. Ginger oil is your tool to recover hair health. The compound is extracted from fresh ginger and quickly fights radicals. The oil also provides essential vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium to hair follicles. These benefits ultimately result in less hair loss. 

  1. Something for the itchy scalp 

The scalp becomes itchy and irritated due to fungal infection or even dandruff. So, the skin requires something that can provide a soothing effect. Fortunately, Ginger oil comes to the rescue with anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, this product contains many other natural and toxin-free ingredients to relieve the scalp with a warm sensation.

  1. Restore the protective layer of the hair 

Two common signs of vitamin E deficiency are irritated and dry skin. So, shampoos containing vitamin E help keep the scalp moisturized. But, most importantly, the hair becomes dull and frizzy when it loses its protective layer. Hair care products containing vitamin E can restore this layer outside the hair’s cuticle. So yes, it can bring back the lost shine.

  1. Say NO to products with these ingredients  

There is a list of ingredients that you should avoid while buying a nourishing scalp shampoo. These harmful chemicals are silicones, sulfates (including sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate), parabens, and petroleum. In addition, it would help if you also avoided some specific colors and fragrances. 

Parabens are a strict NO! These commonly used preservatives can result in allergic reactions. Some of the most common types used in shampoos are ethylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben- and they are all dangerous.

Using shampoos with synthetic fragrances and preservatives can result in rashes or other reactions on the scalp, ears, neck, hands, and upper torso. So, instead of buying scalp shampoos with synthetic fragrances, purchase one with an allergen-free fragrance. 

What’s so special about Mamaearth’s Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for the scalp? 

Tea tree oil is nothing less than a superhero ingredient. It can neutralize fungus and reduce odor. Further, it fights against the buildup of sebum on the scalp. Therefore, Mamaearth’s Tea Tree Oil Scalp Shampoo is the best way to use the oil on the scalp.

You certainly wish to know about possible allergic reactions and ways to avoid them. Well, using a shampoo containing tea tree oil is better than directly using raw oil. This is because shampoos contain a mild dose. Plus, mixing it with other ingredients improves the product’s effectiveness.

mamaearth tea tree shampoo, best shampoo for dandruff

Add alovera gel to your hair care routine 

At times, using a gel becomes necessary, especially while going out to meet someone special. It is best to use gels with natural ingredients. Most importantly, items with alcohol content should be the last option, as they can result in a drying effect on hair. 

Mamaeath’s Pure Aloe Vera Gel for Skin and Hair helps retain your hair’s natural shine. In addition, aloe vera’s high nutrient composition makes it an ideal choice for people suffering from dandruff and hair loss.

Alovera gel consistency is watery and suits almost every hair type. In addition, it protects your hair from sun damage. You can use aloe vera gel on hair as well as skin. 

Natural is the way to go

Whether you are buying an aloe vera gel or a toxin-free scalp shampoo, you should always check the list of ingredients and buy the one with a ‘natural’ tag. For example, Mamaearth’s Pure Aloe Vera Gel and Scalp Shampoo With Tea Tree are completely natural and contain antioxidants and vitamins. In addition, Mamaearth manufactures Made Safe-Certified products that are free from harmful chemicals.

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